It’s crazy to think that in less than just one month we’ll be back in Guatemala. Did I mention that yet? Here? We are. I planned the trip for a few reasons. None of which seem to matter too much anymore– except for the biggest reason, I guess: we just love it. Guatemala and Mexico both have my heart forever. I understand theres much more exotic places or luxurious places, but my heart is pulled to these mayan regions. Not exactly sure why, but I accept it, fully.

Despite the constant rain and the cold we are not used to and not prepared for, we loved it. I’m lucky I brought a lot of layering clothes– and wore all my layers everyday. Marlowe too. We’re tropical girls for sure and this weather resembled the kind that gives you that permanent chill in your bones. Where the moment you lost your internal warmth, you were a goner for good. The cold would take over and stay in your body until the sun shined again. Lucky for us, the sun did eventually shine. It always does eventually, doesn’t it?

And in the rain, shine, shivering cold, and even in the bus and car pollution that the center of town brought in– there was something good about the air. About living outside. Something far more natural and primal. Something that felt right.

Every hallway in our casita was outside. Covered by a roof, but allowing for wind, sun, and rain. Leading to another room, a place to take cover, to find comfort, or prepare a meal.

and the details of a 300 year old house? magical. 

Marlowe and I took the upstairs bedroom. The window to the left had a volcano view. The window to the right led out onto the roof.

Miss Celia and the little ladies had a photoshoot. Marlowe is always give or take about photos. I never pressure her. If she’s in the mood, wonderful. If not, I back away. It’s rare for people to see my childhood photos– mostly because they’re so lacking. I was so painfully shy (sometimes I still am) that I couldn’t even imagine the idea of standing still and having a camera pointed at me. And yes, this is ‘inside’ our house.

Through the bedroom window. 

The only suitcase we packed. Which I would recommend with all the cobblestone streets? A rolling luggage is not your friend.

And the best, sleepy 7 am travel buddy there. 
Looking forward to visiting the spots we loved most, finding new places, and eating substantially more coffee on our return. You can see the rest of our Guatemala pictures: HERE