Sometimes I think way too much about the state of the world. To the point that it upsets me. I go through thinking and overthinking on what can change, or if we’ll ever actually change it or if we’ll just keep destroying the earth. Billions of years of evolution and we’ve managed to create more damage in the last 50 years than all other years and space and time combined. Did you know the rate of cancer is 1 in 3 now? That number is crazy. 1 in 3. Take that in for a moment. Think about your family and family members– 1 in 3. We’re choosing to surround ourselves with an overabundance of toxins every single day. We’re drinking them, eating them, breathing in, and intentionally putting them on our bodies absorbing them into our skin. I know I can’t avoid everything all the time- the pollution in the air and in the ocean, but I can choose what comes in our home and goes in and on our bodies. I dont want to have to question what I’m giving myself or my family. I want us to be safe at home. To feel comfortable and safe. Like we’re making a difference in our own lives and in our world.

We’ve been using Maty’s for almost two years now, since we’ve discovered them. And each time we use the Maty’s products, especially the natural vapor rub, we love them more. We really, really do. Because it helps, it’s safe, and because it brings us comfort. So much comfort.

As mentioned, Marlowe hasn’t really gotten sick this year. Preschool was rough– the tight space and constant boogers going around. This year is better. But this year, even without being sick, she asks to use Maty’s vapor rub because she loves the smell of it and the comforting feeling it brings her. There are nights when I open Marlowe’s door and walk into her room to find her peacefully sleeping with the smell peppermint and eucalyptus filling her space. She’s at rest and I’m at rest. I dont have to worry about dirty chemicals on her body and in her pores. I breathe. She breathes.

There’s enough out there to worry about. If you let yourself you could get swept up with all of todays fears and worries. I don’t want to worry. I just want to do everything I can do to keep her safe, happy, healthy and growing. And some actions towards that will be large. But some will be small.

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  1. My toddler has a persistent cough. Maty's knocks it out so she can sleep through the night. And the lingering sandalwood scent each morning is icing on the cake. I love the stuff!

  2. As someone who does a lot of homegrown therapies, I definitely see the benefit of minimal exposure to unnecessary chemicals. I did want to offer a different perspective on cancer rates – we should also consider how much diagnosis (and possibly overdiagnosis) has increased with medical advances in detecting cancers. An example: When the meltdown at Chernobyl occurred, the reaction was to immediately screen everyone exposed for potential cancers. They found high rates of thyroid cancer in kids, so drugs were given and invasive surgeries performed. When the meltdown in Fukushima happened, epidemiologists explored these high rates closer and due to the screening, there was a higher diagnosis rate of naturally occurring and slow progressing thyroid cancer which made the drugs and surgery unnecessary and potentially even more harmful than the exposure (in some cases minimal). A great resource for understanding this better is the work done by Gilbert Welch out of The Dartmouth Institute and Dartmouth College.