How are you, friends? Keeping’ on and keeping’ on? I hope so. I’ve found the raw thing slightly challenging lately, only because I’m trying to get out of the house a good bit– and food is social! But I am without a doubt, making my way there and trying to keep up with it as much as I can! All while allowing myself space to do what feels good, right, or okay at the moment. At the very least, I can say, I am doing the ‘raw til 4’ thing now.I guess one of my biggest struggles right now is learning to grow accustomed to food without salt. In the moments where I am completely raw for three days or so, it gets easier. But in the times where I eat salt, I want more salt. So while I transition over, I am using miso (and other not completely raw items) here and there. I already shared my favorite dressing recipe with you guys last week– so here is one, very delicious, healthy, and mostly raw way to use the sauce! And best yet, it’s SUPER easy to prepare AND pack for lunch for the folks working at the office or outside the home 🙂

You’ll need:
-a few pieces of romaine lettuce.
-one small beet, peeled
-1/10 of a cabbage, sliced thin
-one smell carrot
-half package of tempeh
-a few pieces of thai basil (regular basil will suffice too!)
-fresh lime for garnish
my favorite miso dressing (nom nom nom!)

How to:
-with cheese grater, grate/shred your beet, carrot, and tempeh.
-layer on your veggies, tempeh, and a few pieces of basil onto romaine leaf
-top with miso dressing + lime juice
-ENJOY!So simple, so easy right?! I mean, it doesn’t really get much more simple and whole than that. You know, because just munching on a whole vegetable I guess 😉

So, I don’t know if it’s the energy around here, the detox, or just the overall diet change, but I go from very hungry and to oh-so-very full from eating what seems like a small amount. This meal FILLS ME UP in surprising ways. I’ve found that every single time I’ve eaten this for lunch, I’m barely hungry by dinner! I still force myself to eat dinner–which is not really suggested (because that puts unneeded strain on your digestive track), but I still have that post c. diff fear that I’m going to lose too much weight too fast. I know I need to get over it, but for now, I’m always counting calories to make sure I get more than enough!

Also great? This is so incredibly easy to take on the go. And it hardly takes any time to prepare at all! Minutes, really. You could make enough dressing + prep enough veggies to eat this three days in a row with zero problems. There’s really no excuse not to, it’s just too simple and healthy not to :)Just remember, with any food, but especially raw food, it’s important to chew chew chew. Chewing is the first stage of digestion! Don’t make your stomach do all the work and get tired out on ya, use your mouth and teeth! You have them for a reason!

Alright friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty good— the weather is finally cooling off and it makes me feel glorious <3<3 Happy monday, friends!


  1. Well that looks really good! I'm eating so many salads these days, and was actually trying to figure out how to eat lettuce a little more interesting today 🙂

  2. all the bet in going raw. i love your recipes and pictures 🙂 Any new posts on natural beauty care?

    • thank you!

      Any ideas on what you'd like to see most of?! Honestly, I feel like everything I do is so second nature to me that I never think *people would love to know this!* I just do it, haha. Like the skin brushing, vinegar in hair, etc. It took me months/years of doing it before I realized I should share! Totally open to hear more about which specific area you'd be interested in!