Happy friday, friends! Have any big plans this weekend? I don’t, but it’ll probably still be a pretty crazy weekend regardless– usually works out that way, right? So as I sit here, I’m (painfully) drinking a giant jar of pure celery juice (it hurts so good) I’m taking in the quiet of the morning breeze. I just keep reminding myself that my gut will be happier because of it and I owe it to myself to take care of this gut I have— I mean, its the only one I have, right?! It’s cloudy over here in south Florida– but the breeze coming in through the finally open windows totally makes up for it! 100%

So one of the newest requests that I’ve been getting A LOT of lately is asking for song playlists! Personally, I think I’m great at randomly stumbling onto newer, lesser known music– but terrible at giving names of songs or artist (great with faces, terrible with names). If I ever figure out how to, I’ll totally start throwing playlists your way. I mean, making a playlist would benefit my dancing jam too. And if you didn’t know this, I’m basically dancing all the time. Not a great dancer, but definitely dancing anyway.

In the meantime, my friend Lindsey just released a new music video! If you’re into badass chicks with amazing voices, I totally recommend you check her out. Seriously, Lindsey is one of the nicest chicks I’ve come across. When you meet her it’s one amazing experience, but then when you hear her voice come out of her it’s like a whole other world of magic. I hope you enjoy!

you can find her on band camp: here.

ps. Lindsey is playing to night at RSC if you’re local and looking for some fun 🙂 Check out more info: HERE.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead of you. I hope the weather is warming and refreshing all at the same time. Happy friday!