I didn’t take too many pictures this weekend. When my body hits rocky patches I’ve found it much more beneficial to focus on less things. I wanted to be sure to go into this weekend feeling great. I don’t like planning too many things in advance because you just never know. We originally wanted.. o she originally wanted a disco cat birthday party, but like I said, planning is hard. All her little friends were mostly busy or out of town. So at the last minute, we decided to make one more trip up to Disney World. I’m definitely Magic Kingdom’ed out for a while. Epcot maybe, but no more cinderella castle for a while for me. We invited her little friend/boyfriend Cameron with us. We love him, he’s just like Marlowe, one of the easiest kids ever. Our only complaint with Cameron ever is that he’s slow as molasses, haha. But man we’d love him, we’d totally keep him.

Without really planning to we ended up singing Marlowe a little happy birthday song with cake before we took off. Cameron had arrived, her friend Arissa came by to drop off a present and there was a cake we were planning to bring– so why not? And the coolest /creepiest spinning flower candle I had found in France. This thing sang happy birthday for three days!!! It just didn’t stop. Can you see the fear in their faces?! Haha. We really didn’t know what to expect when we lit it. But it was awesome.

We made the short-long drive up there. Tried to convince both kids to nap, but of course that was a no-go.

And we spent the rest of the evening/night wandering up and down disney world. 

They both wanted to ride multiple rides multiple times. But it’s cool– they liked all the good ones. 

blurry happiness. 

We had a good combination of fun, exhaustion, healthy food (before and after) and junk food on the trip. Both kids asked to return to the hotel around 11pm. Can’t blame them! It’s tiring! We retired to the hotel where we all passed out hard.

The next morning, we drove home. And for the first time in maybe three years, I wasn’t recognized at a rest stop. It’s the oddest thing, but I swear someone always recognizes me when I’m in my worst state at a rest stop, haha!

It was no disco cat party, but Marlowe had a great day with her little crush, Cameron. And so did we. Only good things.

And holy crapppp. I didn’t realize how small they were art the last trip together until I just looked it up. Look at how much these two have grown together. Dead, dying, love them. Sort of makes me want to go camping again too. Maybe, haha.


  1. Looks like a perfect birthday celebration. Happy birthday to M!

    I was interested to read about you being recognised. I often wonder if that happens to bloggers like yourself. Does it happen often? What do people say?!