cactus blooms in the garden. full disclosure, we totally took a knife to my brothers giant cactus and plopped it in a pot with soil. otherwise known as: cactus stealin’

trying to NOT steal cacti. 

papaya, starfruit, and lime all from our garden

met a rad chick, discovered she was a muralist. within five minutes I said, “you can come paint my walls.” an hour later she did. Thank you, Nico!

lunch dates at home. raw noodle bowl with a yummy miso dressing (dressing recipe coming soon!) 

and cute coffee dates too. 

fruit dates 

bird watching… or being complete creepers… you decide. 

when you’re sitting outside in the morning with your wet hair, eating an acai bowl and look up and realize theres a dragon fruit perfectly ripe on its tree. that’s pretty magical. 

her adorableness. loving jerry. 

coloring in a bar. not weird. 

an entire yard of purslane! who needs grass?! amazing, right?! 

these two just walked up and started posing like this. i love them.  i’ll take them both! 



  1. I'm so jealous of all your fruit. We just moved into our new place and the garden is intimidating me! There's still so much to do on the inside, but I've got hankering to garden, its just so overgrown and crazy at the moment. I can't complain too much, in all the overgrown bush we found a lot of herbs and gooseberries!

  2. Wow, amazing fruit from your garden. Here it's just apples and pears. Still goo though. The noodle bowl looks delicious, I shall look forward to the recipe. CJ xx