How is everyone doing on this fine monday morning? I sort of feel like I got hit by a truck– but it’s no ones fault but my own. I told myself that I would not drink– that I really gotta stick to this raw vegan thing + no booze– and then I went out and then tequila was in my hand– and then it ended up in my belly. And today, two days later? I’m still feeling it. Oh man. You live in learn? Sometimes you just have to get smacked in the head with tequila ten times first though… right? Anyway, outside of that things have been good. I’m sitting here waiting patiently for the sun to come out. It’s supposed to, I can feel it. And if it does then I’ll be heading to the beach. I’m also sitting here debating if I should eat bananas. But thats another story. I hope you guys all had a great weekend! Here’s some happy-good feeling pictures for your monday <3

glitter garden accidents. 

always reading. her and I both. I’m glad she’s a book nerd like me. and yes, this is actually her covering her face with a book, haha. I came in and saw how adorable she was, pulled out the camera, and she hid. She really is my kid. 

smoothie bowls that match the concrete. 

been enjoying the backyard space more. Love this slight weather drop. It’s so good, so uplifting. 

beadssssss. we’ve been doing a lot of this + friendship bracelets lately. So excited that she’s at this age! 


pretty things. 

coffee dates in new (to me) places with friends. 


so many beach days lately. the weather is just too good not to go. 

so many good evenings too. my biggest complaint about my home (other than the dark kitchen) is that we can’t see the sunset from here. But Marlowe and I have been making it more of a point go out for a walk during sunset. It’s always a great idea until the mosquitos comes out. 

cozy mornings. 

&everyday moments. 
happy monday friends. Hope your unnecessary two day hangover is better than mine 😉 


  1. Ugh, these tequilas are seriously the worst thing. My stomach could never handle it not even just a sip! Hope you feel better this week and get it out of your system

  2. Love the penultimate picture, such lovely indoor plants. Gorgeous sunset as well. The light is beautiful at this time of year isn't it. Hope you recover from the tequila very soon! CJ xx