mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower, black beans. so instead of rice or pasta I often opt for mashed potatoes with marlowe. We skip the vegan butter— just boiled potatoes + cauliflower blended with a salt, pepper, sometimes nutritional yeast. and we’re both happy, thankfully.

noodles with peas, carrots, broccoli.

some sort of tomato veggie + kidney bean stew with mashed potatoes.

super plain + simple, brothy potato veg soup.

quinoa noodles with a tomato carrot sauce.

veggie fried rice (in cookbook)

black bean soup + chips. nom. (also in cookbook)

one of her favorites lately, yellow coconut veg curry + rice.

wish mash: baked tofu, baked potato slices, broccoli, and a coleslaw (coleslaw in cookbook)
chana masala + romaine for wrapping + avocado. chana in cookbook
tomato + beet pasta with brown rice noodle. so for this, I had her taste it and I was like “there’s no way she’s gonna eat this” — but she tasted it and loved it. But by the end of the bowl she had enough– she thought it was awful and too beet-y… and honestly? I felt the same. I had mine with zucchini noodles.

tofu scramble. (again, in cookbook.)
Alright friends, I hope you have a wonderfully amazing weekend. The weather over here has been simply amazing and I could not be more grateful for it. I plan to dance with friends, be outdoors, and just take in what this universe holds. Miss Marlowe will be pumpkin patching + painting.


  1. I love these posts about what Marlowe eats, helps me understand how to eat healthy vegetarian 🙂