eye see you. 

mariposas + carousels. 

colorful doorways in a sea of mostly brown. 

a moment of rain and taking cover. 

argentina in france. (and vegan / gluten free empanadas too) 

a south florida friend across seas. 

sunsets everyday. 

little things. 

cake. always cake. 

hi from my happy space. 

a tiny kitchen window. i’d give anything for a kitchen window. 

flowers and bumble bees. 

and the downtime in-between.

How are you guys? I titled this post “Happy friday” until I realized that it’s actually wednesday and tomorrow is NOT friday. One can dream, right? The weather here has been really wonderful. I had a friend ask me today, “do you absolutely hate being back home?” the answer is “no, but only because the weather is nice. If it was summer, I’d probably curl up and cry.”
People say coming back form vacation is hard– and I think that’s half true for me. I think for me, it depends where we go. When I go somewhere tropical or with a more hispanic or caribbean culture, I yearn to stay. When I head to New England, or in the case of this post, France, I’m okay coming back. Not that I didn’t love the trip I went on– because I totally and completely loved it, but I think here’s something inside of me that yearns for that hot tropical sun. But I think thats why I love Guatemala too— or at least Antigua– I gt that hot tropical sun mid day without being overloaded with it like here in Florida. In Mexico I get overloaded by it– but it’s a jungle vibe– and for whatever reason, I thrive in a jungle. I dont know how I got stuck in this ramble…. at all. 
Marlowe hugged me SO tight today when I told her we could try homeschool next year and see how it goes. We discussed different topics we could cover and how it would be set up– that not only would I be responsible for her education, but she would have to be responsible too. I mean, I myself am on a mission to take in and learn as much as I can, you can basically always find me reading– so it makes sense that we could explore and learn in our world together. Try it out, right? 
The other thing on my mind is planning more trips. I feel so lucky that I got to travel as much as I did this year. It was too hard last year ebbing sick– we canceled so many plans we had made due to my health. This year we made it happen. This last trip really made me want to start planning more group trips again, like the one we did to India. Different trips– some similar to the last— with women, textiles, and food— some family friendly farm ones– some easier trips and harder trips. All sorts. I’m hoping we can really make that happen again. India was such a huge success– the trip itself was great, the group was great, everything was just wonderful– I want to make that more of my norm. Hopefully you guys will love that too 🙂 
Other thoughts: I’ve been feeling super cluttered again since coming home. This happened after the last Antigua trip too— I think it’s mostly that feeling of being enclosed in a box again. Antigua is not uncluttered– it’s highly cluttered, but being outside every waking hour makes all the difference. Regardless, it’s put a bigger fire under my butt to finally sell a lot of our stuff.  About two months ago Alex and I went through the house and created a big yard sale pile in our back storage space– and now, we’re finally ready for our yard sale. So if you’re in the area and interested in buying some stuff, please feel free to email me! I have rugs, textiles, clothes, kitchen stuff, all sort of goodies. We’ll be setting up shop this sunday most likely— unless it rains or whatever. I’ll do a little post the night before to confirm, but as of now, part one of a yard sale is happening. 
Alright friends! I’m off to tackle my inbox before heading to bed. Hope you’re having a great week. Maybe see you sunday? 


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  1. JUNGLES. Okay my husband and I are THIS close to deciding to move to France and this post has me all dreamy eyes. Can you please tell me the name of the gf empanada place?? Must visit!! And, please feel free to post some of your belongings on an instagram sale if they are shippable! I love your stuff 🙂