Hola friends! So we’re doing it: yard sale-ing!  Unless it down pours of course– but knock on wood, the weather has been great. So we’re doing it. Sunday morning/afternoon– hoping to have most of the stuff laid out by 8 am for people to come shop. Packing up around 2ish. Miss Marlowe might even have a lemonade stand too. But when I offered her the suggestion of a lemonade stand, she said, “but sugar isn’t good for people” and I said, “you’re right, we’re going to use raw honey”— so there might be that 🙂

If you’re local and looking for gently used goodies, we’ve got it. Just shoot me an email (ohdeardrea@gmail.com) and I can send over more info. Or if you’ve living far away but have been eyeing some (not heavy or hard to ship items) feel free to email me and inquire! Seriously, I’m totally open. Check out the home section HERE to see items we might still have around. So yeah, sunday morning, come shop!

And of course, whether you’re here or not, I hope you have an amazing and sunny weekend! Mine is going to be bussssssssy. Marlowe and I were actually supposed to go to a space launch– but then I realized I double booked. Book. Next time hopefully. Until then, I’ll be around and running around and hopefully selling some things too. Happy friday, friends!

photo by hannah mayo.

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