Hola friends! How are you? It’s currently 2:30 am over here. I went to bed around 830, I was just so so exhausted, but work up around 1 am with a bunch of weird nightmares/dreams. I’ve been  having the craziest dream nights for the past two weeks or so.

It’s been a somewhat slow week over here. I feel like I just wore myself out physically and emotionally over the weekend (not necessarily in bad ways) and needed to give myself a time out. It’s also been cooling down over here! I was actually very cold this morning! I had to put on pants, haha. But it could be the 24+ ounces of frozen smoothie I was drinking. It makes me excited and nervous to head back to Antigua next week. Honestly, I think I have to go out and buy a few more long sleeve tops. I haven’t really bought clothes in a while– I struggle to find good organic clothing brands I love– and I don’t bother spending the time actually looking, haha. Maybe I’ll look tonight— what else does one do at 3 in the morning? Honestly, I’ll just probably buy a handful from HERE and call it a day (or night)

We have a teachers meeting tomorrow with Marlowe’s teacher. I’m looking forward to it. Honestly, Marlowe asks to be homeschooled almost everyday. She comes home and says things like, “I don’t know if I’m in the right class. Everything is too easy.” And if she’s saying this now, and only in kindergarten? Then ohhhh boy. I basically checked out of school in sixth grade. I’m such a nerd and I love learning as much as I can every single day– but I was so painfully bored and intentionally distracted myself with everything else. I dont know, I guess I’m hoping to make a plan with her teacher about making sure she’s fully being challenged, in the right way. And crazy enough, I’m fully considering the idea of homeschooling for a year or two— but probably not longer. I guess we’ll have to see where I’m at, Marlowe’s at, the family is at, etc. Marlowe really enjoys doing worksheets/studying and reading all the time with me– so it seems ideal to homeschool, travel a bunch, and spend all our extra time on learning activities (which it feels like we do anyway). We’ll see.

Other random thoughts:

-I finally upgraded my phone from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 7 today. I feel fancy and not wonderful about it all at the same time.

-Marlowe asked me to show her how they kill animals tonight, before eating them. I cringed A LOT, pulled up a video, looked away and basically tried not to panic as I let her watch a few seconds. Afterwards she asked if we could go around and ask people if they eat me, and if they said, ‘yes’, then ask them not to.

-I mentioned the other day wanting to refresh my home– the sun came out, and I still feel this way. Unfortunately, I looked around and thought, “well, I definitely dont want new things, and I dont feel like moving anything, oh well.” #soclose

I want to work on a recipe I made this week. I made it in the dehydrator, but I want to re-make it in the over for everyone who doesn’t have a dehydrator (probably most people). The thing is, it’s cauliflower based and it was SO good, I ate the whole entire head of it and my stomach was like “whoa gas party” after. Must learn self control, even with healthy food.

-I’m going to give up daily (every other day) coffee again… after guatemala 😉

-I should probably try to go to bed— but now I’m curious to find organic long sleeve shirts… so I’m going to sign off now and do that 😉

but first…. more amazing photos by Celia d. Luna.

the market. can’t wait to go back! 

life feels like this lately. I bought a wholesale box of bananas last week and already went through them! who am I? I dont even know myself anymore.

Looking forward to getting back here and hopefully NOT being overwhelmed, haha. Did I mention that last time? We had planned to cook most of the week but then when we got here I was just so overwhelmed with ideas that I basically just bought fruit. Annnnndddd thats me in a nutshell… I get overwhelmed with options (not a bad thing) and choose nothing (not a great thing).

The cat that didn’t care that I was allergic to cats and did not leave me alone. Pretty sure his name is sushi. 100% sure that cats are still my spirit animal.

I miss her hair. We’re growing out the bangs and chopped a lot of it off this week. She’s still cute– but look at that little face with mound of hair!

the famous arch, no oncoming cars, haha. It’s rare for me to like a photo of myself. I like this one. Thanks Celia.


Alright friends, it is now ten past 3 am. I have distracted myself with Facebook (which I never log onto), tea, and snapchat. I’m going to attempt t drink this tea, go back to bed, and get my life in order this week. I hope you guys are having a great week! What Marlowe eat will be posted next 🙂 Muah!

see more guatemala photos: HERE. byeeeee.


  1. hi drea! your posts about Antigua have my heart calling for that place to be my next adventure. since you have a first hand account (i read conflicting things on the internet) could you tell me — is it safe for women to go there for solo travel? also, for a non-spanish speaker (but should be), would you say it's difficult to get by on very limited spanish? any other tips you have? haha. thank you in advance!!!

  2. That's awesome that she is so well aware of what she is eating. I just upgraded my phone from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6s. It's so weird how big it is. I would love to hear more about homeschooling if you choose to do so.

  3. when Lily was in pre-k and in the beginning of kinder, she used to ask to be homeschooled all the time. she had friends who were so she thought she should. i considered it. but, not only am i not disciplined enough to do so, Will and i always felt that socially Lily needs to go to school. in public school she gets to meet kids from different walks of life. kids that she doesn't get to meet through Will and i because we are friends with the like minded parents and so on. i think for the traveling factor, homeschooling is great. for us, public school is working. last year when we moved to asheville, Lily was really bored at school. her miami school was farther ahead and she physically checked herself out of school one day by pretending to have a headache so she could go home. we had meetings with both the principal and her teacher and Lily was further tested. scoring at second grade level in kindergarten, she started going to a first grade reading class 3 times a week ans her teacher started giving her different math to do. it's hard because like Marlowe she is in the older side and already super smart. while some kids were just learning the alphabet and how to write their name, Lily was reading and writing already. it would have been great if she could have skipped a grade or gone into gifted but they don't do that here until 3rd grade. having a plan with the principal and her teacher was wonderful though. she was challenged and learned so much!