Hi friends. It’s the weekend, and I neve really post on the weekend, but here it is… a post. While I realize most of you don’t and won’t have c. diff—- some of you will. Or you will have family and friends who are dealing with c. diff. If you haven’t checked out my post on what to eat and not eat on c. diff, I’d highly recommend that too. I truly hate that so many people email me for c. diff advice. Not that I hate the emails or giving advice– I’m super happy that I can offer even the smallest bit of help, but I hate that so many people are suffering from this deadly and unnecessary antibiotic superbug. I’m hoping this post will help bring a bit more help to those looking for it. And of course, my email is always open too.I’m going to go ahead and say it for every one of these posts, but I’m not a doctor. What I am offering here is support and advice that has worked for me in my trial and errors of c. diff and gut healing. My gut is still not 100% perfect. C. diff can cause life long damage to your body… but that being said, overall I do feel exponentially better than I did before. Go with you gut instinct– it’s there for a reason. If something doesn’t feel right, trust that feeling! Here are the things that helped me, hopefully they help you too!Ps. I’m totally one of those people that think it’s better to skip the processed stuff… even the “healthy pills” and opt for whole natural food to fill and recover your body. But I know c. diff tremendously depletes and destroys so much that it’s really not easy to naturally fix everything. You body doesn’t absorb stuff like it used to and it wont for a while. So I understand the place in turning to processed supplements for support. All that being said, these are all my as natural as possible recommendations. The last thing your body needs is more toxins to process– it’s already struggling to rid itself of c. diff. If you go out and buy supplements for your gut, try to buy the ones with the least added in ingredients. K? Cool.SUPPLEMENTSA good soil based probiotic– theres a lot of conversation out there about different types of probiotics. Quality, quantity, variety, etc. THIS one has 100% hands down worked best for me. My body and stomach functions best with it. The first three days of taking it my body detoxed pretty hard and I felt flu like and sick– three to five days later my stools were normal again for the first time in over a month. I still take this probiotic daily.

If you’re in the middle of fighting off c. diff, then your doctor probably recommended for you take s. boulardii. If not, they should have. It’s been shown to do extra damage in fighting off c. diff spores.

DGL powder (licorice root): great for gut repair. You can buy in capsules too, but I’ve found that most have added fillers that you don’t want to add to your body. Make sure to find one that is pure DGL. I also like the powder because it’s super easy to add to a smoothie and doesn’t taste terrible or anything like that. Here’s an article about licorice root if you want to read more about it. I used to also add a bit to Marlowe’s smoothies when she used to have that awful preschool cough. It definitely helps.

Slippery elm powder– similar to DGL powder, slippery elm is very soothing on your gut. Super natural too.

Spirulina Powder- this is great to take overall, c. diff or not. It’s a great detoxifier for your body. If you haven’t already tried it, it does take some getting use to as far as taste, but overall it’s a really, really good thing for your body.

I’m slightly hesitant to add these last two as one of them I never personally tried, but have been suggested a lot lately, and the other I tried, and while it has it’s positive traits, it also has it’s negatives too. But I’ll list them and you can do your research and see if they would be a good supplement addition to your healing time:

MSM– So I haven’t personally tried MSM so I can’t say with certainty if I’m for or against it, but it appears to be a seemingly good and safe product. MSM is known for it’s joint pain, but it’s been said to help repair the gut as well.

L-Glutamine– is an amino acid found naturally in your body. You body needs it to function. And it has been said to help with leaky gut and aid in balancing mucus production in your gut. The down side is that recent research has shown that cancer and tumors feeds off excess L-glutamine in the body. So while it can be good, go forward with caution and in moderation.


Self Healing For Crohn’s And Colitis– I found this book tremendously helpful in terms of diet and healing. My thinking is that if the die and lifestyle changes listed in the book could heal crohns or colitis, then it could certainly help aiding in gut repair post c. diff. I was right. The changes I made after reading this book made an enormous difference in my overall health.

80/10/10– another great resource for the ideal diet of natural probiotic rich foods.

Alright friends– as a second reminder: I’m not a doctor (and I dont play one on tv). This is just my personal thoughts and opinions and things that works for me. If interested, you can see all my post c. diff food posts HERE.  <3<3<3 I hope this helps some people out there in the world!


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  2. We found the Heal Your Guy Cookbook to be helpful after C. diff- for those looking for tips! And also, cut out sugar for awhile if you're fighting or just fought off the infection! You may need to cut out gluten too (we did). But especially sugar. It fights against the healing process and can lead to other issues when your gut Ian unhealthy, such as candida overgrowth! Thanks for your help along the way, Dre!