Hey hey,

So if I’m being completely honest here— I haven’t even been keeping track of the day of the week this week— or maybe even this month? I’ve just clocked out of most responsibilities– you know, other than the very obvious task of raising a kid. It feels like the world is on vacation– and I’m like, well maybe I should let myself relax too? Emotionally, physically, in every way. And theres been a hell of a lot of germs still going around that I do not want to give into.

The end of the year is approaching quickly– so quickly. My only goal I hope to accomplish before it ends is chopping a bit of this mane off. I have no idea whats in store for me this coming year. My decided resolutions are mostly of non importance. Small goals that won’t make a big impact in my life, but things I want to mark off my bucket list for sure.

Alex should be moving out this or next week. We still haven’t talked to Marlowe about it. Emotionally, I think that will be harder than I plan it to be. My biggest concern, is maybe more physical though. I mean, I still do most of the child raising due to Alex’s schedule. With the exception of school weekday mornings, all tasks are on me, but regardless, there are still a lot of little things that will add up. And all that will be on my shoulders alone. But the reality is (or my reality is) that no amount of work now will ever compare to raising her in the first few years alone. So emotionally, I’m ready to tackle the physical. I have a “you got this attitude” with most things in life. Sure, self doubt creeps in and gets the best of me from time to time (I’m human after all), but I know myself well, and I know I can handle most things. I think we’ll all be okay. And really, I’m hoping for better than okay– I’m putting all my positive thoughts and energy into believing this will somehow be amazing for everyone. Only time will tell.

But as for time and planning and everything else, I sort of just want to give myself a minute to check out. I’ll be back to posting by Tuesday next week— Wednesday the latest. Right now, I just want to breathe in and out and focus on my breath, the things in front of, and nothing else.

I hope you guys have made the best out of the last week of the year. 2016 was certainly a bitch, but we’ve got this. We’ve all got this– next year can and will be amazing. Everything we all want and more.

Happy New Year friends.

I’ll catch up next year.



  1. I think your positive spirit will drive you safely to a happy new year, I really hope this works the best way for all of you. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Have you guys tried counseling? Best wishes for the new year, however it unfolds.

    • not recently, neither one of us are against it by any means. alex has been doing it on and off this year. We'll see what happens 🙂

  3. A lovely positive post. Wishing you the happiest of years. CJ xx

  4. I've been in a similar situation and it's a difficult transition to start; but it does get easier. Taking time to breath helps to make things more manageable.

    By the way, this is by first time commenting. I love and respect the honest things you share on your blog.

    • Breathing for sure helps. I might try to get into meditation again this year— if I can make a proper schedule for myself 🙂

      Thank you for commenting– but mostly thank you for reading and your support <3

      Good luck to you this new year! I think it'll be a fine year <3