How are you guys? It’s almost the end of the year. Thats insane. It’s still hot as can be over here. We had a 4 or 5 day cold front at some point in the past month, but that quickly came and left. We’re back in the land of 80+ degrees and mostly sunshine– with a mix of rain. All and all, December has been pretty good to us. This week has been interesting though. Good and weird. Out of nowhere Alex got pretty sick (update: he still lives here)– and I’ve been fighting it off hard. I can feel it a bit in the morning and evenings, but I’ve been mostly okay during the day. That feels REALLY good. I feel like I’m getting my immune system back. Cause Alex has been feverish and the sickest I’ve seen him in a while. Miss Marlowe has been happy and healthy as can be which is wonderful. We had visitors fly into town this week. Nicolle, Miss. Audrey (one of Marlowe’s bff’s) and Natalie, Nicolle’s sister. And Nicolle showed up sick. So we’ve just been a strange mix of germ party going on over here. But we’re making the best of it. I’ve been making turmeric ginger juice for everyone (not kiddos) in the morning and then we’ve been slowly chugging through our adventure. Tomorrow (thursday) is their last full day and then Marlowe and I plan on having a quite Christmas at home, making time for my dad and brother. Alex will be working, which is fine, because as I mentioned before, we’re really just not doing the christmas thing so much over here. Just some family time and 80 degree weather 😉

It’s been a good week. I’m going to be sad when these ladies take off back to California. I’m going to keep on working on convincing them to move into town. They should. I mean, if anything, because cost of living is cheaper here, right? Right 😉

happy grounding feet. 

happy girls. 

Still love these sandwiches… and everyone else seems to fall in love with them too. 

I just wrap mine in collard greens instead of bread these days. womp/yay. 

hi friend. 

oh and apparently theses this. I was just talking to a friend in mexico about crocodile problems (normal convo, right?) and I was saying how we just have gators, no crocs. But thats not so accurate– crocadiles are slowly becoming a problem here too.

We had ourselves a slow little beach day monday. A super weird day tuesday (I was on live tv. what. weird, right?). A good little miami day today. Tomorrow all depends on the weather. Forecast says rain, but we’ll see!

Cold, warm, wherever you are— I hope you guys are having a good week! <3<3


    • it's normally a bit more chilly— that whole climate change thing is felt strongly here in Florida.