my tiniest favorite booger and me and a tree. 

dark walls. 

windy beach days. 

playful beach days. 

he annoys the crap out of me, but i love him. 

that half week of a cold front we had. i miss it. 

farm girl.

natural magic. 

man made magic. 

days for exploring.

pinks and greens. 

no photo mood kind of day. 

this wall makes me happy. 
How has your week been? Mine has been slowwwww but semi productive. I haven’t gotten out of the house a much as I would have liked, but I did accomplish and work on those really tedious tasks that no one actually wants to do. The problem with many of those tasks is that its hard to see the end product and so I end up left somewhat unaccomplished, haha. Oh well. 
Looking forward to the weekend. And 100% for next week when Marlowe and I have some of our favorite people coming into town. It’ll be a good time. 
I hope you guys have a great weekend! <3<3


  1. Hi! First I feel horribly compelled to comment on all of your big life choices for no good reason, because I don't even know you. But my parents are divorced so that comes with a need to pretend I know what I'm talking about. My parents needed to get divorced and they should have done it way sooner, and I resent that they waited so long and made my life hell. I also equally resent that they were so petty and let that pettiness and unkindness with each other poison their relationship. I am happily married with three amazing daughters. So bottom line- don't be petty but don't be scared of making hard choices, and mostly don't let anyone give you any guilt about Marlowe because she will be just fine.
    Now for my actual question: have you read any of the medical medium books? You're kind of my go to source for non scam health info and I can't tell if these books are for real or not. Was hoping you had an opinion:) thanks!

    • Hi!

      So, yeah— I can't imagine what if would be like if my parents were still together. Or life would be like without my step parents. I think life ended up much better for both of them + the kids because of the divorce. So I definitely agree with you– the kids can be fine, if things are handled well. And Alex and I dont fight, we're good– just you know, separating.

      Answer: So I read the first one. And I sort of started reading the second one– but I'm in the middle of another book I have to finish first before I actually dive into the second one. Thoughts: Is it a scam? I dont know. I definitely take all things in that realm with a grain of salt and not too seriously. That being said, a lot of the actual suggestions make A LOT of sense and match up perfectly with all the other health stuff I've been reading. So my thought is whether or not this guy is sourcing his info from a voice in his head or ten million books he's read, I dont know, but it all seems like it makes a lot of sense. I mean, he's basically just recommending the most cleansing + detoxing + alkalizing + easy to digest diet there could possibly be– so anyone who has a virus, autoimmune thing, diabetes, whatever will find relief + (at least some) healing in the diet. I felt like A LOT of dots all came together for me when I read the book– so I ignore the source and take in the info 🙂

  2. Your sweet doggy is adorable in his little knitted coat. A semi productive week here too, but I'm content with what I accomplished. One more week of school to get through and then we are all free here. CJ xx