So you know how I JUST mentioned how I was organizing my computer/photo life? I finished (mostly). It felt good. I was going to upload them all to some sort of space and print them all this coming week—- fun! Right?

Well, tonight I was sitting at my desk, putting together a What Marlowe Eats post and my computer shut off. And up pops all these error messages. And we’ve been working on it forever, but everything might be gone now. So thats funnnnnn.

I’m just working on not getting worked up about it. There’s not point. It’ll be okay or it won’t and I have to wait and see.

Then I was like, *well let me send myself a photo on my phone and update my blog on the laptop* (Alex just completely wiped it clean— cause as mentioned, I decided to get a new one and give him this old one). And then you know what happens? I did the update on my phone and it completely locked me out. Like, I’m completely unable to use my phone. And nothing will let me use it again. So I’m patiently sitting here waiting for it to completely erase everything… and eventually start new. Hopefully. So all the photos on my phone are now gone too.

I’m just like, *wow, you must really hate me, technology*. Haha. Oh dear. It’s not even retrograde yet— just a few more days until that.

So yeah, I’m just looking at this as a technology restart.

Maybe it’s a good thing. I was feeling frustrated with my phone anyway– I swear the new phones are as good as my iPhone 5 was.

Anyway, this is all super frivolous.

Restart. Refresh.

I just wanted to pop in and say HI! I’m figuring out the technological part of my life and still happily chugging forward in the emotional and physical part of my life too.

I hope you guys are doing well! <3<3


edit: okay, so my phone is back on, but my pictures, contacts, and everything else is gone. If you have my number and want to text me with your name, that would be great. even you, mom, I dont even know your number. k thankssssss. 


  1. This happened to me like four times 🙁 I even remember having to write a 5000 words essay again once. Now i put everything on google photos/contacts and that has been working so far. Good luck with the new computer!

  2. Grrr, so frustrating. Technology can be an absolute horror can't it. Hope everything is sorted out one way or another very soon. CJ xx

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