Hi friends! So great news, my all my photos have not disappeared! I have them back! My computer is not fixed yet, but thats okay– the photos are always the thing I worry about. Marlowe and I are gearing up for a busy (and hopefully very delicious) week. We have friends coming to town and we’re excited to adventure in this gorgeous weather. Fingers crossed that its gorgeous the entire time 🙂 I’m happy they like fruit as much as I do— I have about 40+ lbs of fruity produce waiting for them. Anyway, on to the food.

fruit. so much fruit. we like to share fruit cup cause I like all the fruits she doesn’t like (pineapple and papaya), so it works out perfectly for both of us.

black bean tacos in the sunshine. 
One day Marlowe asked if she could eat raw vegan for the entire day. By lunch she was eating cooked food again (we went out for roti)– but she ate a giant fruit plate for breakfast an then had this cauliflower “couscous” salad with some arugula, carrots, and lemon.
kale chips + rice, beans, veg.
chickpea salad! Except now that we’ve been cutting out more and more processed foods, we used avocado as the fat. She fought me on it, but then she loved it once she tasted it 😉
tomato basil soup.
caulifower + potato mash top with a veggie and kale stew.
easy peasy.
rice, peas, loads of raw carrots.
super fast calentado (in cookbook) + avocado, obviously.
don’t judge us. sometimes food looks a how mess like this. made more of that cauliflower couscous stuff + black beans and threw it in a wrap. + a side of smokey collard greens. The recipe for the greens is in cookbook– though in the cookbook its kale, but marlowe asked for collards 😉

after school acai bowls. look at all those bananas on my bowl!
Alright friends, I hope you had an amazing and delicious weekend. See ya soon!


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  1. I love the way that you post what Marlowe's eating because it reminds me of new, simple things that I can be feeding myself. Sometimes I just need a reminder, not whole complicated recipes. Potato and cauliflower mash with a veggie and kale stew sounds exactly like something that I'm going to make for myself this week .