Happy New Year, folks!

How was your New Years eve? Fantastic I hope. I had a great night. I feel like I’ve spent every New Years even for the past 31 years waiting for something to happen. Emotional and waiting. And this is the first year where I had nothing but really good feelings going into the New Year. A few minutes to midnight I look at my best friend and her fiancé and we were deciding, do we stay here or go somewhere else– and I looked around and thought, I don’t care where we are, I’m happy wherever. It was good. I then stayed out and danced all night until– wait for it— 4:30 AM. Insane right? Totally insane. Haven’t had a night that late in forever.

The next day was another story, haha. But the night itself was great.

My one real New Years resolution? Learn how to ride a bike.

Yeah. I know. I still can’t.

It’s time.

Other than that I have a lot of big plans — but my resolution isn’t necessarily to accomplish them all– but rather– to just start some. Do something. Stop thinking (and over thinking) and start doing more. Again. I used to be more of a do-er. But after getting sick it’s harder for me to take action. It’s become a bad habit. A habit that grew out of necessity, but still. I got so sick and tired of making plans or starting plans and having to stop due to my health that I mostly gave up on really making plans. But I am feeling better now— a lot better, my (mostly fruit) diet has made all the difference. And now that I am feeling better– I’m trying to break that make plans/ take action hesitancy I fell into while being sick. I mean, I obviously still make plans, and travel, and do things I love, but I want to be able to just  jump into things again, without fear or nervousness.

I also have little things I want to do on the blog– things I’ve been talking about doing for a year or two plus years. Some little things, like more recipes for example. I stopped posting a lot about food because well, for a while there I couldn’t eat ANYTHING. But now that I’m eating a lot again (mostly raw, but more food variety in general) I’d like to post more recipes again.

I don’t know, nothing big, thats for sure. But little things to shift forward.

It’s Tuesday evening now and the winter break is coming to an end. And as I sit here going back and forth between writing this post and looking for cheap flights– more and more I’m thinking, I’m totally going to homeschool Marlowe next year. I have to talk it over with Alex for sure, but I think it’s going to happen– at least for the year. We have more local friends than not who homeschool, so she has a good base of people around her. We can travel more. All the things. We’ll see, but I think it’s going to happen.

Alright friends, I’m going to finish booking these flights– Puerto Rico! Marlowe and I didn’t really get to explore it last time we went (on our Caribbean trip), and I haven’t been since I was 16— so it’s about time I return! It’s just so cheap from here. But other than old San Juan and the rainforest, I’m not sure what adventures await us. If you have travel and fun suggestions for Puerto Rico, please share! 🙂

Ps. I do have a recipe post for tomorrow. It looks like a difficult one, but it’s super delicious. The hardest part (depending on where you live) is finding the plantains 🙂 I think you’ll like it!



  1. I fell in love with Puerto Rico when I went last year! I was surprised at how much I loved it honestly. Not sure if you'd be into doing this, but I went night kayaking at the Bioluminescent Bay! (don't remember which town though, maybe Fajardo?) It was such an amazing adventure!

  2. Happy new year Drea and all! I hope you learn how to ride a bike (or whatever else you wish to do) and be happy every day 🙂

  3. Yes, yes to Puerto Rico! I took my mom this summer as part of a much needed getaway and after two days in San Juan we took a quick flight over to Vieques and spent the remainder of our trip enjoying the secluded beaches and kayaking in the bioluminescent bays. It's a once in a lifetime experience, and at 63 my mom says it's the coolest thing she has ever seen. Everything you touch lights up like tinker bell. If you can make it on a moonless night after a sunny day the bioluminescence will be brightest. A round trip flight from San Juan to Vieques is only $75. I hope you have a wonderful trip! -Cait

    • we were going to head over to culebra (spelling?) right next to Vieques! I'll def have to check the moon status on those dates. I feel like the full moon is at the end of the month (we're going middle of month) so maybe we should be good! Any spots you'd recommend in San Juan? Thats where my friend's condo is? 🙂

    • Ooo I also wanted to check out Culebra and didn't have the time on that trip. All I can suggest for San Juan is to wander. The old city is beautiful and our best memories were wandering around just after dark – one square had free tango lessons and there was a string quartet playing in an alleyway. A coffee shop which I highly recommend is Cafe Poetico on Calle De La Cruz. They have poetry readings and a really sweet environment for a coffee/tea stop. The old forts are interesting to explore, but naturally with an anthropological grain of salt as colonial relics. Have a great time!!

  4. Oh plantains, I love plantains. I have vast and wildly optimistic dreams for 2017. I hope you have a good year with many happy adventures. Homeschooling sounds ideal, I've always thought it's a wonderful thing, even though I haven't done it myself. CJ xx

    • I hated them growingup— cause I was crazy, but I love them now.

      I hope you have an amazing year, cj. Thanks for always being a ray of sunshine on my blog 🙂