How are you guys?!

I’m good. Slightly overwhelmed with life, but good. I definitely don’t let myself get as overwhelmed as I used to or at least overwhelmed in a bad way.  I try to keep myself steady calm and cool as much as I can. Totally weird tangent: One time I met the lead singer from Everclear and later emailed him our photo (mega nerd, whatever) and he emailed me back calling me the classy, cool, and collected girl– or something along those lines, haha. Whatever. My hair was bleached blonde and lion-like at the time. And I had my big thick rimmed glasses. Good times. Anywayyy. <End random, weird story.>

So yeah, trying to stay sane in my own madness. Trying to figure out the next steps while enjoying the now. You know, the usual.

We had a pretty busy month last month. I had three separate groups of friends from out of town show up. It was SO nice. Friends I haven’t seen in a few years and some I haven’t seen in a few months. One that I’ve been friends with since 13— and two that I actually made through the blog 🙂 It’s been a good mind and stress relief. Easy happy guests that we love and want to see more of. I haven’t been the best at calendar making-planning the past few months (Working on it this week), but it was like out of no where eI looked up and had all these different far away people I love around me. It was great. It was also very nice bringing Nicolle around our warm weather beaches and switching it up after our pretty chilly California visit 😉

sandy flower chicas 🙂 

Downtime. I think I mentioned it, but this visit, everyone was sick. And I felt great that I fought it off like a champ! The girls didn’t get sick either. Go team! It was a Christmas miracle for sure. But we totally let them get a half day day of downtime one of the days, just in case. This was also the day I was on live tv. Did I mention I was on live tv. Yeah, I was. hahaha ohhh man. Good times. Heh.

Little ladies and their foraged coconuts. It still makes me happy that Audrey first saw coconuts with us. Feels like a lifetime ago. They were so cute. I mean, they still are, but man they were tiny adorable little things.

The sunsets lately have been a dream. This one is maybe a 5 out of 10. But lately they’ve been 11 out of 10 😉

Miami Days. 

Teaching them the difference between matching + contrasting 😉 

My sister lady friend. Most people do think we’re sisters. And we’ll happily both take it. I mean, we are so alike in so many ways. No one else I knows wraps they’re legs around themselves, like 3 times when sitting legs crossed 😉 We’re weirdos.

stay lit, guys. 

and there was pizza of course. to make up for our disaster of a two hour pizza date we had last time together. I mean, we had an amazinggggg time together in San Fran and in Miami— but man it was nice not having a two hour wait for our pizza to come to the table this time 🙂

Cheers to friends who understand my crazy. And cheers to friends bringing on great times, all the time— in a good situations, bad situations, and two hour pizza wait situations 😉

I hope you guys are having an amazing week! I’m trying to breathe, tackle everything, and get prepped before this crazy oncoming month.

Oh! And I started buying homeschool prep books today! We’re getting excited 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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