Hi friends! I’m (sadly) back from Mexico. Honestly, I didn’t think the trip would be as magical as it was. That sounds almost depressing or pessimistic– but its not meant to be. It’s just that I knew it would be a great trip– but the trip far exceeded my expectations and was absolutely amazing. I’m happy to be reunited with Marlowe (even though I haven’t see her all day because: school. Booooo). But I’m glad to at least spend our afternoons and evenings together again. But I am— almost sad to be home. Or maybe unmotivated. I shouldn’t really complain though since Marlowe and I are off to Puerto Rico in less than two weeks. You know, it’s not that I want to always be on the road (not that I would mind)… it’s just that I’m starting to feel a real comfort in living on less while traveling and making a home in a new place. We just need the necessities, a few items of clothing and food (mostly loads of fruit).

I honestly have ten million thoughts running through my head right now. Trying to plan a trip for March. We’re doing a BIG trip in June with my family in Colombia (I think Alex will come for that… or at least part of that too). And I want to plan on all of that soon. But then there’s also the fact that I’ve sort of been forced to buy a new car. Not yet, but this week. And I know I HAVE to— but I not want to, because it’s another investment that holds me here. I don’t want to feel tied here. Even my sister in laws mother called me out the other day (I love her). She was like “honestly, I’m really surprised you’ve stayed this long in Florida. You’ve always been on the go.” And she’s right. The thing is though– in all the years that I did that (pre-florid) I mostly traveled to run— now I’m not running from anything. I’m just so incredibly excited to adventure… often.

I now I’ve been saying this for a while now– or at least hinting at it for a while– but both Guatemala and Mexico are constantly calling my name. I mean, I think thats pretty obvious since I’ve flown to both, twice, in the past year. I know that I’ll be living in one of the two in the next few years. When I mention that to people, I often receive a confused look and a concerning, “why?” — and my answer is just that I love it. I want to live somewhere that grows the same fruit we have here in south Florida, is warm, but within a culture I love. So both those places fit. We’ll see what happens… and when it happens. But I do know that I’ll be listing my home for rent soon… within the year.

Wearing my Canadian tuxedo inside Stela 9
if you haven’t noticed, these are photos from our Guatemala trip… which feels like forever ago. (3-4 months ago?) It was such a good trip. Different from this mexico trip I just got back from last night— but good. Both inspiring and enlightening in different ways. 

All the pretty things. 

Hi guys. Showing my face more. Have you noticed? I know a lot of you have. I’ve even be sharing stories on IG—- up until a (wonderful and full of energy) stranger broke my phone three days ago I gotta work on fixing that. I bought a jean jacket— something better for “cold weather” in warm places.

Mornings on the roof. Marlowe was super excited to show Alex all around. Her and I might head back down there this summer when school is out. Before or after our trip to Colombia. Depending on if I can rent this house out + finances, etc.

Banana ice cream from El Secreto. 

Post market (a little teary eyed shopping) feasting with these guys. 

me doing what I do best: hanging (and eating) 

Look up.

Nico and I spent a lot of time on the roof. Marlowe would explore. Alex would nap. And Nico and I would sunbath. Perfect relaxation station.

guitar lessons. 

cats claw! I’ve never seen this in real form– only in pills and tinctures! IT’s supposed to treat a ton of different health problems. please note: it’s not real claws from a cat. It grows on a vine 😉

Leaving Guatemala was hard. And I’m almost certain if Marlowe didn’t have to make her way back to school we just would have stayed. At least aw while longer. Arriving to the states was even harder though. The energy was different. People were less happy and positive. There were two moments in the airport that I remember clearly. One was this miserable TSA security guy who was being terrible rude and threatening with everyone. And this Jamaican woman made a comment to us, that its hard to deal with people like that, but even harder when you’re in her package. And I felt bad. Because I knew she was right. And All I could say was a sorry, I know. Making our way  a few steps further to the door I saw a few families finding each other– with arms open with expectant hugs. The doorway was crowded, very crowded. And we were all waiting our turn to exit and this one, also very angry man, starts yelling at everyone. “Let’s go, get out of the way, We’re in the states now, lets go.” And I wanted so badly to say something. To yell at him…… to find happiness. That we were all currently in the same situation, trying to make our ways to our next location but his attitude wasn’t benefiting anyone. It wasn’t. I guess thats the thing. I’m angry for others who have to deal with people like him. And I’m often discouraged because I know whats missing in that mans own life is happiness and compassion– and its up to him if he’s going to change his perspective to find it. Maybe he will. I hope he will.

I’m not sure the point of my story right now. Or how it ties into anything else with this post. But I do know that I feel more at home outside of this country and I have for a very long time. My mother and I used to argue about it often. She left her own country in her early twenties and finds this to be home. And I’m happy for her for that. But I’ve never really considered this place my home. And especially with everything going on right now.

So I guess we’ll see where this year or this decade takes me, but for now, I do feel most at home with very little belongings, with my kid by my side, and in other warm, countries. Warm in all ways: in climate, in culture, and in love.

I hope you guys are having a great week. It’s cold back here in south Florida. Cold for us Floridians anyway 😉 But still full of mosquitos like usual, haha.

Keep warm, keep happy <3


  1. Oh my goodness, my exact sentiments. I have never been to Mexico (I want to go sooooo badly), but coming home to the states (I'm up in Tallahassee) is always rough. I always feel a bit like an outsider coming back, and friends and family never understand when I explain that our lifestyles and attitudes are just depressing here. I have a happy outlook though (and I can tell you do too), so that helps! And goals! I hope you get to live your dreams, Andrea!

  2. I can honestly tell you, being a mexican, having lived in Mexico City almost all my life but traveled far and often, having spent months on different cities (L.A., London, Buenos Aires) and lived on Cancun and Playa del Carmen, I get how you feel. Mexico sure has its own way of life. everyone seems a little bit happier here, families are more conected. Sure, we have our problems (many, like so many countries and cities). We have the security issue, we have overpopulition in certain areas, theres political tension, and so on.. but for me, nothing quite feels like Mexico. Personally, Mexico City has evolved into a huge city for me. I crave the beach, the heat, all my family has lived in Cancun for 30+ years, and I have always spent, since I was a baby, about 4 months a year there. And me and my husband are now thinking of making the move, but I will sure miss the theater, the night life, the thousands upon thusands of restaurants and cultural activities. Anyway, I get how you feel, and people move countries for millions of reasons, and in my honest opinion the most valid one is: YOU ARE LOOKING TO BE BETTER, TO FIND HAPPINESS AND BETTER CHANCES FOR YOUR FAMILY. And it sound like you are doing exactly that. As far as I know, EVERYONE will welcome you with open arms, we mexicans are like that, we just love everyone. Good luck.