Hi friends! How are you!

I’m good and stressed and not well all at the same time. So all week I’ve felt off like I’m fighting something. Then I woke up with swollen watery eyes and a sore throat and I felt like death and was like “nooooooo! what is wrong with me?! I was doing so good!” And then I left my house for a few hours.. and once again was mostly okay. my eyes stopped. My nose stopped. I was good. Then I came home, opened all the windows and doors (the weather had been so nice all week!), and an hour or two later was like, man, I feel like death again. And then I figured it out. I looked up at the screen door we fixed– at all the wonderful air blowing into my house and saw the damn giant mango trees blowing in the wind. Mango death. There’s probably a thousand mango trees in the one mile radius around me– there s a hidden mango farm a few blocks away. We have two mango trees on our property. And the guy one has two huge trees too. I’m allergic to mango trees. I might have mentioned it. I often forget about it–since I never had a problem with mango trees before. But since I got sick, I haven’t been able to do yard work in the back left corner of our yard because I start getting all rashy and itchy and miserable… its the mango tree. And now with the wonderful breeze all week and all the windows open.. I started feeling like death!



I bought mango honey at the farmers market this weekend. But I’m not sure what else to do. Marlowe and I actually spent the entire weekend at a hotel– and I was fine. Totally fine. And now that I’m back home, I keep wondering, am I fighting something? Am I sick? Is it still the mangoes?! I don’t know whats going on! My throat hurts. My ears are burning. Is this what allergies feel like?! Gosh I’m lucky I didn’t grow up with allergies! I feel for any of you guys that might have!

I want to feel better now. Why? Because I’m on a plane tomorrow south, to Mexico. I’m so excited. And now I’m painfully nervous because of how I feel– but I keep telling myself that I’ll feel better as soon as I get out of this mango vortex. I’m have curious to call the hotel and ask if they have mango trees on property (its in the jungle). But the reality is that even if they do have mango trees on property, theres nothing I can do about it. Sooooo… I’ll just show up and hope for the best, ya? I don’t remember the hotel having mango trees (the last time I went), but I really wouldn’t be surprised if they did!

This is my first solo trip without Alex or Marlowe by my side since India. I’ve always had at least one of them with me… usually Marlowe of course. But nope, I’m off alone (with an amazing friend  of course). I’m excited— to do a lot of nothing! I wish I bought another book before my trip. All I have right now is a homeschool books and a vacation rental how to book 😉 But yeah, I’m looking forward to giving myself the opportunity to (hopefully) not stress about anything!

I just finished Scary Close. It was a decent book focusing on intimate relationships. All kinds– romantic, friendships, family, whatever. It was a good read if you’re interested in that sort of thing! I love self realization/self help/ etc books. I alway shave– since teen years really! It made me think a lot about myself and my relationships. At the end of the day– I think I’d like more, if not all my relationships to be more like the one I have Marlowe. I think I’m the best version of myself with her. I’d like to treat more people how I treat her 🙂

The forecast calls for sunshine all week in Mexico. I’m looking forward to that. The weather has been great here, but the last 24 hours have been a bit nerve wracking with the tornado warnings! Tornados are scary, ya?! Gosh they are.

Alright friends! I have to go tornado through my to-do list. I hope you guys have an amazing week! I have so many half written posts and thoughts flowing through lately. No recipes coming up, but hopefully you guys enjoy all the same.

Thanks for being here.

ps. If you have mango tree allergy tips, please help! <3<3<3


  1. Wow how crazy is it that you used to love mangoes and now allergies! That's bizzare! My allergies have changed so much in the past 6 years or so – I used to be fine around all animals, and now I'm in a room for 3 minutes with a cat and I get the same symptoms. I don't have any handy advice for you unfortunately…just that I know they can develop sporadically as we grow and change. Ana's advice above seems spot-on though 🙂

    Loving your blog as always, Drea – can't wait to see more from Mexico!

  2. My brother has been struggling with allergies too for the last few years after a long course of antibiotics that the doctor said would be fine…but I'm sure I don't have to elaborate on that. We've been researching and trying all kinds of natural options and among the things that have worked for him has been taking a natural supplement called quercetin. He takes one that also contains bromelain and that, along with starting acupuncture a few months ago, have really helped him this fall and winter.

    We've also watched an interesting documentary recently called "That Vitamin Movie", all about using supplements in high doses. Ever since, I've been watching extended interviews and other sorts of information they've made available, and learned that vitamin C is apparently a very effective anti-histamine. If you'd like to look more into this, one of the main people interviewed in the documentary is Andrew Saul and his website (doctoryourself.com) is literally like an encyclopedia on using mega doses of vitamins for all kinds of health problems.

    Anyway, I hope at least some of this will be helpful for you. Enjoy your Mexico trip!