Talking about natural deodorant on this post. A REALLY good natural deodorant. But if you want to skip over my talks on natural deodorant (and this one is the best one we’ve ever tried is) and just try it for yourself (for 1$!), you can HERE. It’s totally amazing. And you’re welcome in advance for not taking pics of me putting on the deodorant. Or rather, not sharing pics of me putting on deodorant. Because I totally took those pics and thought they were maybe a tad awkward for me to share? K. Cool. Read on….

One of the things I’ve been very adamant over the years is reducing the use of toxic products, non organic products, general crap, and so on in our homes and on our bodies. I’ve been able to remove everything from my routine, as well as Marlowe’s with little to no trouble. Alex has been/was a bit of a different story.

We get so stuck in our daily routines that we forget to stop and think about what we’re really doing. It makes sense though, when many routines have been instilled in us since childhood. Blind habits. Something as simple as everyday body care and the products we put on our skin– day after the day, continuing the same pattern until something or someone wakes us up and reminds us, that our norm or the norm, is not the only option— that the options are limitless, even if we don’t know them yet.

Deodorant is a big one.

If I’m being completely honest here (I always am, I know, haha), I rarely use deodorant. The truth is, since switching my diet, I don’t need to. The only time I smell is when I eat Indian food (specifically anything with fenugreek in it) and the only time I smell bad— is when I put crap in my body (mostly and specifically alcohol). And drinking is a rare, sometimes once a month occasion– but I’m thinking it should become a never a month occasion. And since I’m mostly raw now, or at least 70% raw, I don’t eat much fenugreek anymore anyway.  I’m “too clean” as my step mom would say. Because when I drink alcohol– I smell bad, REALLY BAD. Like, the smell of my armpits and my breath alone is enough reason to get me to stop drinking. I want to talk more about alcohol and my body, but maybe another time, ya? The point is, I don’t really smell, so I don’t need to worry much. But on the rare, delicious, occasion I have Indian food and I don’t care to seduce people with my fenugreek smell, I do use deodorant 😉

Switching to a natural deodorant was a no brainer for me. I started making my own years ago, because rubbing toxic chemicals onto newly shaved pits? No. Ew. (Or even non shaven pits, duh gross). Switching Alex? Man that was more of a struggle. Is it a thing for men to be more stubborn on this sort of thing? 😐 Our armpits are designed to RELEASE toxins, not to take them in– it’s important we focus on our natural body design on our day to day, what is each body parts actual purpose? I want my armpits to release what they need to release… and not take in major contaminants while not completely stinking up a place and grossing everyone out 😉

I’m so grateful to say that Alex finally (and actually easily) switched to cleaner pits. I had been trying to get him for a while but every brand I brought home for him, he told me it did not work well enough. I get it, he’s in a hot kitchen all day. But finally, Humble Brands deodorant made it happen. He opened up the tube and said, “I can already tell I’ll actually like this one” and has been using it, liking it, and has had zero complaints about it ever since.

Me too. Even on the rare chance that I did use deodorant (prior to Humble), I never felt anything helped me much. I felt that other deodorants (natural and non) mixed with my body chemistry weird and didn’t necessarily help the problem. But humble brands did and doesn’t do that. It smells good in the tube and good in my pits. And unlike a lot of natural deodorants it really works. And unlike my homemade one (that I don’t mind using), I don’t have to worry about making this one… and it’s a hell of a lot easier to travel with 😉

The best part isn’t that it’s just natural though– yes, it doesn’t have toxic crap in it (yay), but also: it’s all organic too. Everything down to the cornstarch in it is non-GMO. So it truly is a clean and healthy product thats good for your pits and the earth and it works– and works well.

Safe. Aluminum-free. Paraben-free. Cruelty free. Non-GMO. Organic Ingredients. Made in small batches in the USA. And for one dollar…. yes… keep reading… dollar!

Want to try Humble Deodorant? For ONE DOLLAR?! Yah, for one dollar! For a limited time, when you sign up for the Humble Brands subscription, you can receive your first stick for ONE DOLLAR! Weeeeeee.

I’m not kidding, this has been by far the best deodorant we’ve brought into this house (natural and non natural). It’s truly amazing: for its safety, healthiness, scent, convenience, and effectiveness too. So this new year, why not start making the switch to safer products for your home and body— maybe starting with your pits 🙂 I mean, at one dollar for your first stick, you really can’t beat that 🙂

ps. you can totally just buy one tube of deodorant, but I really think you’ll love Humble– totally worth subscribing. This has totally become a natural body care staple in this home 🙂

One little step closer to living clean and simple everyday 🙂 


  1. I have been using Humble Deodorant for about 2 weeks (based on your recommendation) and I LOVE IT. YAY. I am so excited. I have tried so many natural deodorants and used all sorts of natural methods to keep my armpits nice-smelling, but nothing seemed to work for the long-term. I got Lavendar and really like it. I can’t wait to order some of the other scents, too! Thanks so much Drea for being such a trusted source for all things natural!

  2. Organic product question/comment time!

    1: Please, please PLEASE talk about alcohol some day. I've been cutting back a lot and love the benefits in mental clarity, ambition, the way my body feels, etc. But it's so hard when it seems every damn social situation revolves around the stuff and it doesn't help that my father is a HUGE wine-o.

    2: I'm also a South Floridian and a big time runner. Hence, I sweat. A lot. I want to try it, but have been jaded one too many times by deodorants that don't work. It makes me sad.

    3: Not sure if you've talked about this product yet (or heard of it) but it's called The Dirt – a natural tooth paste option. I just ordered it and has yet to arrive but I'm excited to give it a whirl. Thought you might vibe with it. Here's the site:


  3. You're funny 🙂 I love posts like this because you're so open! And I second Disa's comment on another post.

  4. I'm totally ordering! I've been looking for a natural deodorant that actually works. My body chemistry has changed a bit since having kiddos. I'm currently using mens deodorant, partly because it comes in a 2pk, so my husband and I can share, lol.

  5. wow.. go Drea! The worst thing about living in Egypt is that there aren't many organic brands around here. Always aluminium. Always chemicals. Thanks for the post and the motivation to switch to something healthier.. and I'll try the peppermint oil thing too.

  6. I just put a dab of peppermint essential oil on my armpits. Cooling, refreshing, and smells fantastic. I carry it around with me and just use as needed.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I've been really interested in using natural deodorant but always fear it not working/there being a long adjustment period. Did Alex's body have to get used to using this one, or it did it work right away?