Haven’t done one of these posts in a while! I think with my computer getting all messed up before it sort of threw me off! Also, I sort of hate my new iPhone. it’s a super petty problem, but I swear the quality on my iPhone 5 was better than the 7. I’m hoping it makes me start using a real camera more, but it’s highly unlikely. But anyway, here’s a few photos, some recent, some not so much, of things we’ve enjoyed 🙂

downsized my closet a lot– I want to keep only my most functional pieces— and then I filled a drawer full of sequins because I still want to grow that sparkle collection for my old age plans. #goals

happy ballet class girl.

oranges. man, I’ve been loving oranges lately. I never ate them munch until I got pregnant with Marlowe. Then I ate them all the time— then stopped, and now here I am again, loving oranges all over again.

these three cousins. man, they’re cute together. I love love to see Marlowe with them, she’s just such a good older cousin. it’s the best.

fruit popsicle dates.

colorful spaces in my home. 

we dyed her hair purple. you can’t tell much. 

pottery class. 

happy bruises. 

she doesn’t love the beach as much as I love the beach. But I still love her more than the beach. 

man, I’d give anything for this pie right now. 
Alright friends, I hope you guys are all enjoyed this new year. And I hope you guys all have an amazing week ahead of you. I’m hoping to just keep organizing myself and tackling everything that needs to get tackled. <3<3 Have a wonderful week, friends! 

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