Did I mention the garden event I would be doing here, sort of locally? (Fort Lauderdale) Well, I did it! I’m mostly impressed because I am such an introvert– especially in unknown social events like this, but I’d say it went pretty well. There was only one real question that stumped me– something about a specific flower— I was like, “hmm I don’t know, fruiting plants are more my forte.” But everyone was super nice. It was a good two days at Orchard Hardware. I really like that place. I know I mentioned it, but I’m a sucker for hardware stores in general, and this place has a good big, but not too big, and small, but not too small vibe. Just right.I’m really happy to be getting more comfortable… in my own skin I guess. I’m still crazy shy around people I don’t know, especially big groups of people. But I’m getting better. A lot better. Once I warmed up, I had a lot of fun. Or more specifically, once I moved myself to behind the plant table, I had a lot of fun 😉 I felt more in my element behind a wall of beautiful plants, haha.

The happiest grand opening 🙂
I’m dot number 3, garden style advice 🙂

so many tropical friends.

and spiky beautiful friends 🙂

The second day I had a little visitor come with me! She was the best! I stood by the adopt a plant section (again, hiding behind the plants, haha) and I was helping people find the right plants for them. Within an hour Marlowe was telling them which plants are better for indoors or outdoors — or bright sun or low sun 🙂 She’s the best.

reading about my blog, haha. I try to explain to her what I do for ‘work’ and it seems like she mostly gets it. I guess the hardest thing is that I do so many different things its hard to keep up sometimes. A jack of all trades…. sort of. Haha.

So Orchard had a ton of activities and awesome free take homes all weekend! There was a spin art part for the kiddos. Which of course Marlowe loved. And then the adopt a plant section, where you could choose a free plant to take home and some garden gloves. Upstairs you could even have your own t-shirt pressed/printed for you! And there was even free food! The first day there were some grill people there— rice and beans for the veg people. The second day there was an ice cream and snow cone truck 🙂 Each of their events I’ve been to has been so great. They really try to make it a whole experience. Not just a “hey come look at our store” but a, “hey come look at our store and enjoy a lot of fun things and take home some gifts too” 🙂

spin art magic. Kind of makes me want to get one again.

The prettiest.

omg and so many sweet dogs. lately I’ve been questioning a second dog— a hypoallergenic one of course. But I know we shouldn’t. Because even if my allergies don’t attack me, we’re better off with less to worry about. Jerry is easy (the chickens are too) because he’s one lazy sleepy dog that can go with family. But having two dogs to worry about when we travel? That would be harder. We’ll see.

Also, totally random: so Orchard will pot your plant for free. Thats cool. But the random (or interesting) part: they have a life time guarantee on plants. Isn’t that crazy?! You take it home and it dies on you and you can bring it back for a new one!! With a receipt of course— but still!

Marlowe picked out a papaya tree and a few other succulents for a project we’re gonna work on when I get back from Mexico 🙂

Me and my helper. We had a good time. I’m excited to have more and more stores popping up around here! If you didn’t know, theres already a few down here in south Florida. My dad tried to visit me and ended up at the one in Coral Springs instead of Fort Lauderdale where I was. He later admitted that he didn’t read through my whole post, haha. That’ll happen. But yeah, if you’re in Florida (or California) check them out. So friendly, awesome, nice, AND useful!  🙂

Alright friends, I hope you have a great weekend! I’m off to Boca this weekend with my mom. A little staycation 🙂 If you guys have any favorite vegan/healthy food spots or things to do, please let me know! It’s only 20ish minutes away from me, but I feel like so much is popping up that I have yet to hear of! 🙂

*this post in sponsored by orchard hardware. obviously– super happy to work with them! haha.

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  1. Try Parlour Vegan bakery, on Federal Hwy. I've only had the cupcakes (yum!) but the savory items look really good too!