Soooo….. one of my best friends in the entire world is getting married soon! If you follow me on snapchat (don’t bother, if you don’t) then you know that every single time I make plans with Laura (or I randomly run into her), we are wearing the SAME EXACT outfit. It’s crazy. Like, it’s become a huge joke. There has only been one time in the past 5 months where we were wearing different outfits— and it’s because we both decided to wear something completely out of normal attire choices, haha! But yeah, I love this girl. She’s been my longest friendship here in Florida!Also a funny story: Marlowe had gotten pretty bummed out a few months ago because she had never been asked to be a flower girl (haha, aww). I told her that I didn’t think any of my friends would be getting married (sorry M), but texted Laura just in case. “so are you guys ever going to get married or just skip the whole thing?” And she was like, “yeah I don’t think we will, who knows” and Marlowe cried! Haha, I shouldn’t laugh, but the poor girl was so bummed that none of my friends were getting married! And then boom, a week later Laura called to tell me she was engaged! Adam had been planing it the whole time 🙂 So yeah, needless to say, Marlowe is probably THE MOST excited about this whole wedding thing! If anyone even mentions “wedding” Marlowe starts telling everyone how Laura is getting married April 1st and she is going to be the flower girl 🙂  It’s going to be so fun!

When it comes to planning the wedding, I told Laura I would basically be helping her plan my/our dream wedding and pretending I’m marrying her that day. I ‘m a great friend, I know.There’s A LOT of stuff involved in a wedding, huh? Especially because she chose a venue that doesn’t even offer chairs– every single detail needs to be taken care of by us. Well, her, but remember, I decided it was my wedding too 😉 There’s a lot of stuff we plan on diy-ing. I mean, I guess most of it is diy-ed. But there are certainly things that need to happen at diy weddings that are better off left to the professionals. When it comes to the paper good type things, like table number cards, rehearsal dinner invites, and thank you notes, we ended up ordering from Minted. (She’s getting a cater, so we’re totally not messing with that at all.)

Making cards from Minted made the most sense for A LOT of reasons. They are had the prettiest wedding selection for sure! And some of the prettiest pre-made cards to match her mostly mint and gold wedding theme 🙂 But it was easy–  SO MUCH easier than if she tried or if WE tried to write everything out. Those details are hard to skip– especially when you’re planning a wedding for 150 people! 150 hand written cards? Nooo thank you!

Thats me! I better be sitting at a good table. ahem. Haha.But seriously, Laura picked out the “Pearl + Dot” table number cards. The foil details are just so pretty without being overwhelming or show-y… you know.. like me? No? Okay.

We plan on having a table set up when you come in with all the cards set up so people know where to go. I can’t ever imagine choosing where everyone has to sit. So, good luck on that one, Laura.

I love love the rehearsal dinner cards! Easy easy. Pre-designed cards, sure, but who cares. They’re gorgeous!

So outside of the rehearsal cards, we’re mostly skipping the florals. We plan on mostly foraging for Florida native leaves to decorate the tables and then some succulents to serve as decor + take home gifts 🙂 So we’re potting a TON of mini succulents and then adding a ribbon around each one with the Minted favor tags to them 🙂

ps. look at Marlowe’s cute feet in the photo, haha! she wanted to help and I asked if she could take a picture from above– it’s a good one 😉

prettiest pairing: ceramic pots painted gold, tiny succulents, and mint colored minted cards, haha.

our craft party mess. Omgggg, we’re going to be making sooooo many succulent pots. Such a big (diy) wedding, haha. We’re probably crazy, but thats okay! The tiny details like personal cards for each guest is done easily with Minted 🙂  The rest should be easy fun, right?! Hopefully!

happy pretty friends.

We’re all excited. It’s going to be such an amazing and beautiful and perfect and dream farm wedding day 🙂

ps. totally made it safe to mexico. the weather is perfectttttttt. <3<3

*this post is sponsored by minted.

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  1. YAY!!! Congrats Laura & Adam! I love all the details, so pretty! I feel like there's some room for improvement, maybe some cat-themed centerpieces? Or like, everyone gets a dog as a favor? I'm just throwing some ideas out there…