Where did the week go? I feel like I looked up and it was Friday?! Neither Marlowe or I are excited about her going back to school. She’s super bummed that she has to head back to school instead of being homeschooled now. And honestly, I surprisingly am too. I thought for sure this break would feel long for us— that she would be itching to go back, but I feel like this break has shown me a bit more that we’re both ready for homeschooling. I mean, the girl was doing math work books all week at home, without me even asking her. It’s also been nice because I know she eats better at home. I mean, she eats well at school too, but I can feed her salad and other fresher things that she might not necessarily eat in her lunch box. And the weather has been quite nice– and she’s got to spend a lot more time with Alex that she wouldn’t otherwise get to do. It’s been a good break for sure. Oh well, just another half year and then we’ll make a good plan for us. Until then, lets focus on some food stuff, ya? Cool!

We took a trip to the middle of Florida last week. If you’ve ever been to the middle of Florida, then you know, there is NOTHING there. We were prepared. Loads of fruit in the car ride up as well and carrots and hummus for her.

For lunch we stopped… well… for lunch. Except I ate an entire pineapple and papaya in the car ride so I was good and I pulled out some food for Marlowe to eat at restaurant. She had this mix between a chickpea salad and coleslaw Alex had made for her. And with the avocado sauce instead of the usual veganaise we used to use. Alex had made it for her. She was happy with it. I had some of it, I was happy with it too.

Messy foodssssss. Miso soup + a salad with ginger carrot orange dressing.

Chocolate ice-cream — the base is fruit, pretty sure its banana 🙂

Chickpea roti. My absolute favoriteeeeeeeee. I’m surprised how much of it she ate considering it can be a bit spicy. (spicy for her level, not for mine, haha. I still like my mouth on fire.)

Andddd enjeri bread with yekik alicha (turmeric yellow split peas). She lovesss this stuff. And she loves the Ethiopian style collard greens. It makes me so happy. And if you’re paying attention she’s wearing the same shirt in all these photos– we basically head to this market and pig out for a few hours– it’s magic. She also had popcorn after this too… and maybe one more snack but I don’t remember. She also told me, “Ethiopian food is the best. It’s my favorite. It’s even better than pizza.” Best kid ever.

brown rice, black beans, steamed kale, and avocado down in Miami.

chickpea salad with cabbage and a side of tortilla. She asked for this for lunch. I thought it was a great and easy idea.

Avocado toast. No cilantro for M though.

apple slices and a caramel date dip (from this cookbook)

And rambutan. Still her favorite.
Alright friends, I hope you have beautiful weekend! Happy Friday! <3<3


  1. Love the lego shot, haha. We looove Ethiopian food around here. Just got a crock pot and Teff Love for Christmas, so it's ON.

  2. Ethiopian food is fantastic isn't it. It's always a wrench at back-to-school time I think. At least it's almost the weekend. CJ xx