Hi friends!Do you love your neighbors? Honestly, I hardly know my neighbors, but I do like them, from the few times I’ve met them. You wouldn’t believe how much a power outage can bring a neighborhood together! I met more neighbors in one hour than I had met in my entire time in living here, haha. Either way, I like to think that I’m a good neighbor. I mean, I’m an okay neighbor at the very least. When the older woman across the street went into the hospital, I asked her daughter to let me know if I could help in anyway. Last week I saw the woman around the block carrying a big bag of leaves and I asked her if I could help her (in my somewhat broken Spanish— most of my neighbors are Spanish speaking, not English speaking). She told me she was fine and I was a beautiful person, haha. But she’s a beautiful person! This woman must be no less than 90 outside doing yard work everyday. She’s a BA for sure!

Anywayyy, Orchard Supply Hardware recently pitched this “Good Neighbor” concept– the idea that it really doesn’t take much (time, money, energy) at all to do something nice for your friends and neighbors. And they’re right. It can be a small gesture like offering to take the trash out, or mowing the lawn, or painting a fence or old patio furniture. When they brought up the idea, my friend Kristine automatically popped into my mind. She lives on a huge property that could use a bit of love (in the form of fruit trees) in my opinion. Honestly, I’d like to go and live in her house and convert it into my own tropical fruit farm (with no mango trees).

She’s got a beautiful pool, and that one lone banana tree. But she needs more fruit, right? Right.

So the last time I was at Orchard Hardware, I picked up a papaya tree. They’re not expensive plants and they’re VERY easy to grow and care for. We have about five in our yard and they give us the most amazing fruit ever. And off to Kristines house I went and planted a tree for her to come home to from work 🙂

A lone bench.

I also grabbed a few cheap  planters and also very easy to grow aloe plants to decorate her little bench. I figured one day soon, when all things settle down (or when I move into Kristines house, haha) Marlowe and I can have a painting party and decorate them for her 🙂

A voila! Very little time, money, and/or energy spent– and a kind gesture done!

If you haven’t checked out Orchard Supply Hardware yet, I totally think you should! It’s seriously my new favorite hardware store. They’re opening one in Orlando (Bayhill) and Naples this month! There’s a few of them in south Florida already too 🙂 You can find your nearest location: HERE. Head in there a pick up your own copy of the OSH circular to get inspiration for your own spring projects– for your yard OR someone else’s 🙂

*this post is sponsored by Orchard Supply Hardware.