Hi friends! How are you?! I’m SO beat! Marlowe and I arrived in San Juan today for a week of exploring. We’re staying with a friend at her condo here in town. I haven’t really been here in forever… the last time I really explored this island I was 16. But here we are again. Christine said she was coming and asked if I wanted to join, I looked at flights, found a flight for 19$… yes 19$!!! and was like, “yeah, were coming.” haha. 19$ pre taxes and such, BUT STILL!

SO far the weather is perfect and the company is amazing. The only hard past is finding food has been more difficult than I expected. It’s actually harder here than in Mexico and in Guatemala. Maybe because I was hoping for more healthy vegan options and trying to steer clear of the (delicious) beans, white rice, and fried plantains. We’re going to head to the store tomorrow fro loads of fruits and ingredients to make soup… we all LOVE soup.

Anyway, I’m going to work on this sleep thing again. Hoping for loads of sunshine and fresh veggies tomorrow! 🙂 Hope you guys are having a great weekend! <3<3<3

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