Ooooof. Things are still so messy right now.

So our first Airbnb guests checked in and checked out. They were great. Really great. We went back home for a night, I threw a little preview party shindig, then the next day, cleaned up again and headed back to Kristian’s. We don’t plan to be here the whole time. Kristian is a single bachelor, he doesn’t necessarily need or want a 6 year old living in his house for an extended period of time. He’s seriously been beyond kind taking us in at all. I love that guy. The big problem is jerry. And I totally get why Kristian doesn’t want him here. I love that dog because I’ve had him for 11 years of my life, he’s like my OG family…but if I didn’t have any pets right now, I wouldn’t buy any pets right now. There are too many other things going on, ya know?

But speaking of Jerry… if you follow me on Instagram, you know he got out last night. I felt such guilt. I finally found him by chance this morning. One of those things where everything just aligns to bring him back. Grateful Laura came to help me look for him. Really grateful, if it weren’t for her, it would have added hours, days, weeks, who knows how long to find him.

A good reminder to update your dogs tags. He has a chip in him from my Arizona days– it’s not current at all. And I put a cute new collar on him from Guatemala that doesn’t have his info on it.

Yeah, I’m pooped. Oh and I’m going to start working out today. (My family can laugh now). Exercise is good for tiredness, right? Haha. Thats what they say. I sure hope so. It’s only one session with a personal trainer, if schedules allow, I’d like to keep doing it. I mean, I say that now before I’ve actually suffered through it though.

I did jump on a scale yesterday and it said I gained 3 pounds. Not sure if it was my jeans or not, but I’m hoping its correct. It means I finally left the double digits. Hoping working out also gains me more weight (muscle). Ya know?

Maybe I should try to take a nap before I go.

Maybe it’s the extra tired, over working myself thing, but I’m not feeling super positive about myself right now. Or I have a lot of little doubts popping up. With everything– friends, social media, whatever. It can be a bit tough always putting yourself out there, not knowing how people will read you or judge you.

For now, I’m also happy not focusing on relationships (outside of friendships). I mean, I want things to be good, but I don’t want to think or worry about any of it. Another time, another place. For now I’m working on continuing being the best mom for Marlowe, making sure this Airbnb situation doesn’t get messier, and enjoying life in the process.

Alright friends. I’m going to try to lay down for a few minutes to make up for last nights lack of sleep due to doggy escapades.

I hope you’re week is going slightly more smooth than mine, haha.

Have a great week, friends!


  1. "It can be a bit tough always putting yourself out there, not knowing how people will read you or judge you." – I've been going through the same thing. It's mostly in the simple things like posting on my Facebook feed or my Instagram. So much social anxiety has held me back from posting and expressing myself, fear of judgement, fear of what other people will think, etc. It's kind of a downer, especially when no one knows you're going through it. But anyway, just wanted you to know that reading your blog and seeing how honest and raw you are reminds me not to be afraid. 🙂 Knowing that you struggle with the same things remind me that I'm not alone in this universe and that somewhere in the internet multiverse, there is someone who feels the same way and is not afraid to be real about it. 🙂 Your blog refreshing and real, and always worth the read.

  2. I too love your blog! I notice that most of my favorite bloggers are hanging it up after I've been following them for a few years….some don't even post a goodbye, they just never show up again! (kind of rude!). You are great, thanks for all you do!!

  3. i just had a thought about you while reading your post yesterday – and after reading your little comment about how it's hard to put yourself out there – i thought i'd share it. you are my fav! i love reading your blog, and especially lately it's been my absolute favorite. i think because you've been pretty personal, and i appreciate that in today's blogging climate… i love every time you put up a new post. love the honesty, the humor, the color, and the way you let us strangers in to your beautiful life. thanks for sharing. <3