Hi friends!We had a glorious rainy day yesterday and I’ve been working, working on editing a ton of photos to post. Marlowe and I have had so much fun this past month— I mean, I’ve had fun a lone too for sure! I’m still looking back at some of my photos and thinking “holy crap, I did all this?” it’s pretty awesome :)While I finished editing the photos from the rest of our trip to Puerto Rico (and my trip to mexico too— omg the photos are sooooo pretty— thanks to my friend Celia) I figured I’d post a good ole’ What Marlowe Eats— except from our trip to Puerto Rico 🙂 I didn’t take photos of MOST of the food she ate there— but if I’m being totally honest– this post still rounds it all up. I could post two photos and show you an accurate run down of what Marlowe ate during our whole trip. Does that make sense? She definitely eats better at home– I think thats the norm for kids? Maybe? But we’re working into a good habit of getting her to eat pretty/somewhat healthy when we travel too 🙂 Maybe this will be somewhat helpful for when you travel with your kids too? Hopefully!

Rice, beans, salad. This was a standard meal. She probably had this almost once a day. The salad was mandatory so she could get some raw greens in her. She doesn’t eat the tomatoes in a salad– but if I’m being honest, neither do I. We both much prefer our tomatoes cooked, not raw. She mostly had kidney beans in PR, but we ran into all sort of different vegan bean options on the island. 

Smoothie bowls. So many smoothie bowls.

Spring rolls are usually a safe bet for her. She usually only picks out the cucumber if it’s in there. These had all sorts of root vegetables in it– but she was quite happy with it. It came with a peanut dipping sauce. I’m not really sure how to describe the two salad Christine and I ate, but they were delicious 🙂

She also had a veggie burger after her. springrolls— I forgot to take a picture. I tasted it when she was almost done, and honestly, I think here might have been in cheese in there, but I’m not sure. I told her that she didn’t have to finish if she didn’t want to. It was a veg restaurant, not a vegan one. I probably should have asked. 
Curry in our tiny, perfect kitchen. Curries are our very quick and easy go to when traveling.

We introduced Christine to her first acai bowl. She loved it… then Marlowe hogged it all.

Then we all got smoothies to share 🙂 
Breakfast was always fruit. This was a late breakfast so we added veggies and guac to the mix. Marlowe ate all her mango before eI could even take a pic.

tacosssss. black beans, guac, carrots. We ate here twice. 
smoothie  + hummus + carrots. the hummus was SO good. salad for me and Christine.

plantains, rice, beans, yuca. She refused to eat the yuca, but it was delicious. The owner here told us about the bees in the bushes that could kill us. No big deal.

Acai bowlssssss. SO MANY. And unlike here, all the places we went to made them from scratch. It always hit or misss here in Florida– I feel like too often people just use the sherbet stuff– yuck. We ate so many delicious ones in PR.

Alright friends– I gotta run out to grab the kid from school! Hope you’re having a great week and have an even better weekend up ahead of you! 🙂

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