Hola friends. Life is catching up with me for sure. I’m totally hitting a wall this week– it’s hard because I want to feel amazing. And I get frustrated when I do hit those walls– that weren’t walls for me before and I have to understand that its just going to happen. And I have to be patient with myself. We’ve been keeping meals super easy around here.

avocado toast. honestly, this is an old picture, I dont know the last time marlowe really had bread. she’s been slowly going towards gluten free. she doesn’t have much of a problem with it, other than asking us, “when will you pack me a peanut butter sandwich in my lunch?” haha.

after school chickpea salad snack. I looked up to take a picture and realized she had her homework out AND wast trying to read a book at the same time. She 100% got the love from multitasking from me.

rambutan. the guy at the market was so nice. he looked at marlowe, grabbed an extra handful of rambutan and said, “this is for you because I know you made your mom come here” haha. she totally did.

cauliflower mash, collard greens, yellow dal. aka, gasssss party.

roasted tomato and sun-dried tomato pasta with kale and brown rice pasta.

raw cauliflower and carrots and still her two preferred veggies of choice.

honestly, its gotten to the point where I wonder, should I just feed her miso soup everyday? I put a crap ton of extra seaweed in there and she eats every bite with so much pleasure. she really asks for this EVERY single day. We’re making it two-three times a week lately since its just so easy + healthy.

bowl of tofu, Brussels sprouts, black rice.

spinach saag with potatoes + brown rice (I had roasted eggplant too. too spicy for M).
Alright friends, 8 pm is rounding the corner and I’m climbing into bed to give my overworked body a break. I hope you guys are having an amazing week <3<3


  1. These look delicious. Drea, I'd love you to do a series on different kinds of food as sometimes there are too many choices out there. A take on pasta and which ones you use and why, maybe on other grains etc. I'd love that. xx