Hiiiiiiiii guyssssss. How are you?! I feel like the beginning of the weeks blogpost was so up in the air! So here we are.. and update. I ended up going in for the last minute tooth extraction… and I’m currently recovering from it. It hurts like a major b*tch right now. Buttttt, I haven’t taken ANY painkillers. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they totally numbed my mouth for the procedure, but since then, I haven’t. It was pretty easy the first two days, but this third day, HURTS. They warned that might happen though– they said it was part of the body’s natural inflammation process. I guess they weren’t kidding.

I’m hoping it starts to feel better agin by tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, I’m counting on Saturday, Laura’s wedding. It seems sort of crazy to go in for a tooth extraction and try to recover without meds just days before my bf’s wedding, but I’m doing it. The nurse at the office said that she thinks I made a good call, that tooth was really bad looking. I don’t know what the tooth is supposed to look like– but from what I could see, it was gross. I hate teeth stuff so much (you guys know that). Honestly, I’d offer to stitch myself up if needed (being numbed of course)— blood and guts and all that stuff doesn’t gross me out, AT ALL.  but if you go near my mouth: I lose it.

I’ve been filling up on lots of smoothie bowls, acai bowls, blended soup this week. I am not hungry at all with this tooth thing, thankfully. At least I have that going for me.

The rest of me is still up in the air. I am doing slightly better in some areas (my stomach) but still feeling pretty beat up in other things. Who knows. I sure don’t.

OH YEAH SO, remember how I said this was their weirdest week? And there seemed to be an accident in our neighborhood?!? Well, our car was MISSING. Crazy right?  Here’s the story… Did I tell you guys I bought a new car? I did… about a month ago. It’s great. I actually had to get it because Alex was driving my car and some chick hit the car and totaled it. BOOO. But yeah, I went ahead and retired my 11+ year old car and bought a new one this past month. But then the other night we went out (in my car) and came back to find Alex’s car missing. Could we have better luck with cars? I don’t think so. We assumed someone stole it— which would be crazy, but what else would we assume?! We walked up to the front door and there is a business card in the door from a HOMICIDE traffic cop. So now we’re like, “Omg, did someone steal the car and die?! Did someone steal the car and kill someone?! What the hell happened?!” We ended up spending the rest of the evening calling the police department trying to figure it out. Finally, the next morning the cop comes by and fills us in. A neighbor was driving through our neighborhood and hit Alex’s parked car. He apparently hit it SO hard that it went flying two houses down. WTF. It got towed away and we have been waiting ever since to find out what’s next. Well, today (three days later) we finally hear back from the insurance that the car is totaled– and now we’ll be having to buy a second new car. What a totally weird freak accident. So yeah, two cars totaled in one month— and neither one our fault. I’m sort of in disbelief on the whole thing– but as time passes, I’m also growing kind of mad. I don’t care much about the car– I mean it sucks— no one wants to have to pay money for a new car– but I’m mad because there are kids in this neighborhood– MARLOWE is in this neighborhood— why was some idiot feeling the need to drive SO FAST that he could hit a parked car two houses down?! That’s insane. Totally insane. Like, what a freaking idiot, man. This neighborhood is SO small– it’s hard to speed even if you try— well he obviously tried and failed. Thank freaking god we weren’t home.


I don’t know man. I just don’t know. Life is crazy.

I’ve been doing an OKAY (not great) job at resting. I’ve been doing an OKAY (but far from great) job at getting things done. I’m at least tackling what I can, but mostly useless. And I’m (mostly) ready to celebrate with Laura + friends this weekend– and then I’m going to put back the pieces of my life and organzine everything after. Right? Right. For now, everything is crazy and I’m just doing my best to enjoy every (sometimes painful) second of it.

Wish me luck this weekend (I’ll need some of it). I hope you guys have a great weekend too! Happy friday <3


  1. Hey Drea, I'm so sorry about the car. Up here in Egypt, we get those kind of things frequently because people are crazy (not always a good thing.) Thank god no one was hurt. And I know how you feel with those pain issues, it's totally disturbing. How can you celebrate with an inflamed tooth? An uncomfortable stomach? It's pretty difficult to keep your head straight with these kind of things going on. So you see? There's great strength in you, always keeping forward, always trying to "figure things out". Good luck. :')