I like my posts to tell a story. I mean, maybe not all of them, but I do prefer that the ones that show images of places I’ve been or things I’m doing, do tell a story. I want my posts to make sense– and be accurate. A timeline of moments and words to match.I’m not sure if this post does that well. There’s no proper timeline or narrative to match the timeline. Instead this is more a post of wish-mashed photos from my time in Mexico with Celia. Well, our time at the hotel. We spent a lot of time in town and a bit of time in Tulum too. And a good chunk of our time was spent with me breaking out of my comfort zone– both at the hotel and off the hotel property too. You know… in between the moments of me asking all the animals to be my friends of course. Haha. There were just so many :)This was my second time visiting Sandos. The first time I was invited on a press trip and I just loved the fact that the hotel was a mix of resort + land and animal protection. I think I mentioned it, but I was looking for a quick and easy relaxing beach vacation. I didn’t find that. Well, I never let myself find that I should say. I definitely spent more moments on this beach this time around, but most of the trip was a get up and go feel. Celia and I just were too happy and excited and energized by everything around us to lay. Maybe one day I’ll actually have a lay down by the beach type of vacation (I mean, I do get that at home now and then), but the reality is, I’m so grateful this tripped unraveled how it did. Celia and I met so many amazing people, ate so much amazing food, and I conquered so many personal fears— I wouldn’t have changed a single minute of our trip. I’m grateful for every bit of it.

I really love this girl. She made my trip so much better— I swear she helped yank so many of my fears from me. 
This sink. I saw it last time, fell in love with it, and came back to visit it again, haha.

I tried to stick with my mostly fruit raw diet as much as I can. And I did great each morning for breakfast. Okay for lunch. And whatever for dinner, haha. The hardest part for sure is avoiding the tortilla chips. Chips are just so damn good. But yeah, every morning I started with papaya, pineapple, banana, and a bit of shredded coconut too 🙂

me in my awkward glory.

and yes, I proudly wore jeans on the beach. And put on a sweater at the end of each day– even on the beach– even when Celia yelled at me, telling me it was 75 degrees, haha.

coati friendsssssss.

Lunch was usually something like this. Well, this would be the first course. Then I would move to something more heavy. But I would start with raw veggies, maybe some beans, salsa and guac instead of dressing, and chips of course, because my god, I love chips. Then I would usually grab some beans and potatoes, or tacos, or whatever else I could find.

I went out on a kayak! In the ocean! And while this may not seem like a big deal or accomplishment to most folks, for me it is. It’s still funny that I even contemplated marine biology or marine affairs as a major considering my intense fear of the ocean. And honestly, I feel sort of bad for Alex, because he had always wanted me to do this with him– but I never wanted to. But with Celia? I was like, screw it, lets go.

and so we did.
And honestly, I’d probably do it again.
BAM, conquering stupid fears.

And we explored. A LOT. I warned Celia that this place was big– that there was ocean and jungle and so many different paths and places to explore. We walked A LOT. I’d also do that again.

Honestly, one of my favorite things about Florida is how close I am to so many warm and tropical travel places. I’m grateful this place is just a quick plane ride away. But honestly, I’d travel to the Yucatan over and over again, even if it wasn’t right near by.

Not pictured:
all the desserts I ordered at the vegan restaurant at sandos.
all the other animal friends I made.
the people friends I made here.
the ear plugs and mouth guard I wore every night.
and ten million other magical moments that I didn’t even photograph.

Thank you Sandos Caracol for another magical experience. Cant wait to take our girls there one day soon 🙂

PS. some photos in this post were taken by Celia D. Luna. Cause she’s amazing. And my favorite.


  1. Often your more "random" posts are equally compelling and bright (or more). Loved this one, sounds like a nurturing, energizing friendship!

  2. Celia's photos are so bright, colourful, and dreamy (and certainly, Drea, yours are too!) – I love it. Mexico has always been very high on my list of places to visit but these photos make me want to be there right now.

    Random question, where is the black tank pictured before your kayak photos from?