The day we arrived to Puerto Rico Christine said, “I have one rule/plan every time I’m here. My rule is to go with the sun. I chase it all day.” Realistically, this has been my life motto… well forever. It’s essentially the whole reason I made my way to Florida.

I also had this realization this week that I have been eating or snacking almost exclusively outside. I stood there the other day with two slices of orange in my hand and I looked back to realize that I wasn’t at the kitchen counter. I had, without even thinking about it, made my way outside. I realized this had become a regular pattern for me.

This pleased me.

In San Juan we did the same. We chased the sun. We made our way into Old San Juan a few times. It was really hot– but not in an unbearable way. It felt warm and invigorating actually. We made our way up and down streets, in search for delicious food and sunshine. The three of us had a great time. I haven’t traveled with Christine in over a decade, but I’d surely do it again and again. Marlowe would too I’m sure. And again, we’d have the same rule/motto: Chase the sun. Always chase the sun.

Thats how I want to live forever.

Hope you guys are having a great week!

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  1. can you do a vegan guide to puerto rico / san juan! i'd love to go but would also love to eat good food while there!!

  2. Beautiful. The sun always makes me feel so alive! (although I do enjoy the rain sometimes too. Sun + rain= life) I think you've talked about this before, but what kind of camera do you use? What do you use for editing? Your blog is just always so colorful and happy 🙂

    • Mostly my iPhone! I do have a Samsung nx 300 I use sometimes, but it's so beat up that its embarrassing— Like, I have tape on it to make it work.

      I use photoshop to edit. I use the Stella filter from a beautiful mess. On my phone I use a color story and VSCO cam 🙂

  3. It's all about the Light! I've only been in the San Juan airport (on the way to Grenada) and it's never on my list to visit, unfortunately/fortunately it now is. It looks like a great place and like you had a great time.

  4. Yes, I love the sun. The sun makes me feel alive, makes all the perfection and imperfections visible.. even in the hottest summer, I walk out to the sunshine and feel the sun rays on my skin, how warming and visible it makes me feel. I love sunlight, I'm grateful for our planet. I love this world in recognition.