“pictures of recently enjoyed things” is probably one of my worst titled posts, ya? I mean, it is… or was.. one of my most loved posts… but man, how about that title? When I’m collecting photos to post they go into the really well named folder: PORET. Yep, a shorted version of the longest title ever. Whatever. I didn’t start blogging so I could title things, haha. Today I decided that I wanted to mix it up a bit and title this post, PORET— because really, does it get more romantic than that? Doesn’t that title scream dreamy romantic fairy tale? No? Well, good, thats life, haha.

But here we are… some favorite recent things.

This weekend was good. Muchhhh better than last week for sure. I’m sort of bummed that I felt so junky this past week. It was our last full week at Kristians, it would have been nice to enjoy his space and neighborhood more, before moving back to our place today (yay!). But oh well. And hey, I did keep (steal) his house key like I said I would. Sooooo party over there next time he’s out of town 😉

But yeah, the weather has been chilly here. Mostly at night and in the morning, but definitely chilly. During the day it’s been really lovely though. And I’m grateful for it. I’m hoping it helps me get out of this funk. Honestly, I think this happened last year too around this time. My birthdays are always ehhhh for me in general– and then add in the anniversary of me getting sick? It’s a double bummer whammy. I don’t like being reminded of how hard that time was. And I don’t like being reminded that more time is still passing and I’m still not totally amazingly wonderful every freaking day. But who knows, maybe soon. Maybe next year. We will see. Either way, you know I’m going to keep on fighting to feel amazing.

Here are some things I’ve been enjoying– sometimes while feeling great, sometimes while feeling mediocre, and sometimes while feeling downright crummy 😉

shake your coconuts. 

tea. so much tea. I’ve become a heavy tea drinker with this past cold front. 
Marlowe took this. She asked to the a photo. This is me feeling crummy. I didn’t even bother to smile. She didn’t care. Honestly, I just really enjoy when she finds a moment that she wants to photograph. Not sure why it was this one, but I’ll take it. 


on a boat with this little lady.
any tips for getting her to want to learn to swim? seriously though… I can’t get her to want to learn. She has to here! 

Purging. There’s a lot of very real, honest, not very nice things about alex in this book. Sympathetic things too, but still. I’ve been holding on to it. This month when we purged, I let it go.

She’s a popsicle. 

I am deliberate and afraid of nothing… and I like oranges a lot. 

We had a week of really intense wind— then it broke and we hightailed it to the beach. Glad we got a day in before the cold front 🙂

The good thing about renting out your house is that it makes you want to repair all the things that are wrong with it. We fixed a window.

She lost a tooth and it was bloody and glorious. 

My romantic bathroom. Aka, when the power goes out, you make the best of it 😉 
flowers. always flowers. 
I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. Not sure what were really doing this spring break week– but I’m hoping for a good one 🙂 Happy Monday, friends. 


  1. That photo of you by Marlowe is incredible! Can't stop looking at it. She captured something deep. Kiss

  2. You could hire a swim instructor that will teach at their own pool or local pool – might make it less intimidating than a group class! Agreed – swimming is a must in S Florida

  3. Pictures of Recently Enjoyed Things is always my favorite. Never let it go. I even like the long title. Letting go of not so nice things about Alex though, I like that. 🙂 Here's to you, strong woman.

  4. Thinking of a title for my posts is also not my strongest suit.
    But Poret? What's Poret? Where is Poret, I thought?
    Glad to see Alex is still in the picture.

  5. I always love your Pictures of Recently Enjoyed Things posts aka PORET. PORET might be a better sounding if you think of it as a French word with the "a" sound at the end? Anyway, I guess it doesn't really matter. 🙂
    Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better!
    Even though you say it is chilly there your photos always seem so warm to me. I always enjoy all the color, it's such a good contrast to the nearly monochromatic life I have here. Have a great week!