Hi friends! How are you?! We got back from St. Pete late last night! It was a short, but really good trip. The weather was good. The food was good. We saw dolphins! Well, a dolphin, but still. Cant wait to share the few photos I took with you guys 🙂 I have a long two weeks in front of me– and a ton of papayas to eat that I’m really excited for, so I’ll (try to) keep this short! Here we are… what Marlowe Eats… mostly at our friend Kristian’s house. I wish I could just move his kitchen here. Or really, I wish I had a window in my kitchen and now brown counters. But whateverrrrr. My kitchen makes equally as good food even without the window and nice counters 😉 And I’m sure yours does too.. 🙂 
veggie rolls. I’ve been eating these almost everyday. See my easy summer roll how to HERE.

veggie tomato soup  with chickpeas.

pasta. this was actually a recipe in my cookbook— “the mushroom bolognese” if you guys own the book 🙂 But with half the amount of mushrooms in it because I promised Marlowe something more tomato-y.

mangoes. she’ll eat ten for breakfast if I let her…. and then I make her brush her teeth reallyyyy well.

I accidentally made the heart looking, then realized it, and made it look more like a heart 😉 Marlowe loved it of course. Mashed potatoes, smokey collard greens (same recipe, no smoke), mashed potato + cauliflower, white beans in leftover tomato sauce.

afterschool snax.

yellow lentils, collards, + injera.

well, this was not that delicious, but the girl was a champ and ate it anyway. I’m not sure if the collars were too old or what– but they were bitter and not tender at all. cooked in a ginger coconut sauce with peas and served with black rice.

sometimes you give your kid kale chips with leftover (takeout) brown rice and lentils and one and half bite sized carrots for dinner… and thats okay.

after school— she asked if she could make a wrap with black beans and carrots… and then she did. cool.

biscuits and gravy. you might have saw on IG— she had been asking for this a lot lately. Finally bought some GF flour and made a batch for her 🙂 She was happy. Both recipes in cookbookbut we subbed flour with GF flour and vegan butter for coconut oil and almond milk for coconut milk. Basically we made a whole new recipe, haha. But the measurements were basically the same. gravy was def the same, but with GF flour instead of AP flour. 🙂

Alright friends! I hope you’re having a great week! I’m off to eat papaya! Happy Thursday (I think it’s Thursday)

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