Howdy friends! (Yes, I said howdy.) How are you?! I’m am trying so hard not to get overwhelmed by the state of the world right now. It’s getting harder everyday. Trying to focus on the trivial things in life to distract myself. Like that my house is a messsss. Well, a mess by my standards. I mean, most people would come in and be like, “dude, Drea, everything is totally in place” but I disagree. Again, it’s that cluttered feeling that I just talked about. Is tonight a full moon? I heard a rumor it is. (I could go outside and look). My ovaries are feeling it. I swear my ovaries feel it every time.My goal for the next two days: taxes, clean house, use our outdoor space, not get stung by the hospital inducing poisonous caterpillars. Good goals, yeah? Oh and I want to cook a ton! I’m hoping to get at least one (but preferably two) recipes done tomorrow. We have a tonnnn of food in the fridge anyway– so it’s a good time. A good time for a good time. Alright, I’ll stop rambling— on to the (poorly styled— okay not styled at allllll) food pics. Enjoy!

oh yeah– so if you do have recipes you’ve been wanting— now might be a good time to remind of what those are 😉

So many fruit plates lately! Mornings used to be for smoothies (our favorite smoothie), but lately she’s asking for fruit plates. Totally okay with this! We’re on an orange/clementine kick lately. Marlowe and I ate somewhere between 20 and 25 today– I shit you not.

A thick as can be yellow curry, side of black rice. I’m not sure what happened with his curry– I think alex made it… but it never comes out this way. Who knows.

subtlety telling me what she wants.

and then she gets it.

indian restaurant vibe. we always get her the yellow daal. no fights on anyones end.
and sometimes we make it at home. or sometimes we take the leftovers and mix in greens at home. to be completely honest: not sure if this is leftovers or our homemade stuff. side of peas. side of brown rice. she freaking loves peas. I do not. bleh.

baked okra, kale, potato cauliflower and peas, avocado, brown rice.

soupppppp. if you follow my Insta stories then you saw me making veggie soup 🙂

her favorite rice bowls. sometimes we make a big pot of rice and make rice bowls for a few days in a row.

and if you follow my Insta stories– then you also saw us making GF pancakes the other day. I sort of want these now.

did I post this yet? wish mash. Leftover rice tossed with carrots, kidney beans, kale, and broccoli. Doesn’t look that appetizing, but it went over well.

chickpea and kale coconut curry. nommmm. with brown rice.

Alright, friends! I’m off to try to answer some emails— hopefully. Hope you’re having a great week 🙂



  1. Millet I'm liking it much more than brown rice, your opinion of it vs brown rice?