Hey friends! How are you?!

We’re home sweet home from our trip to Asheville. It’s good to be home. I just wish the weather was cooler– like it was in Asheville, but whatever, home is nice too. We had an AMAZING time in Asheville. Seriously, such a good trip. I can’t wait to share photos, etc. All of us enjoyed it immensely— Marlowe, Alex, and myself too. Claudia + family are good people. Really good people. I think Claudia was actually one of my first real life friends I made from this blog. Maybe my second— but I think the first. Either way, I’m so grateful I met her through this space.

I sent off a meme to some friends the other day– it was a Seinfeld one where jerry is putting his hands up to a guy saying, “sorry, I have three friends, I’m good” (or something like that) and sometimes I feel like that. I don’t know it’s weird. Because I actually enjoy meeting new people and making new friends (it’s now one of my favorite things) but sometimes I still go back to that old feeling of, “no no this is good.” I can’t describe how I could possibly feel both things, but I do. Maybe it’s that the people who finally do push through my hand up gesture get stuck in this bundled up feeling of, “man I have good people in my life”– does that make more sense, or is that more confusing? Who cares.

I’ve said it years ago but I almost always leave Claudia’s inspired. This year I think that happened more to Marlowe and Alex more than it happened to me. Marlowe came home putting on more accessories and wanting to wear sparkles. And Alex? Well, one day back and he was like, “I need to go buy some more plants and pots.” Right on, Alex. Right on. I want to fix up stuff, but I’m still hesitant to buy more. I looked at the cart filled with stuff and had this overwhelming anxiety about the purchases. Which is good— it really means I’m sticking to this buy less / more minimal thing. I mean, the purchases did make it home– I didn’t fight them, but I’m still okay with it. It means that I’m okay in either situation (mine or his). I’m just happy I’ve moved more to the side of, “nope we don’t need to bring more STUFF home.”

Speaking of Alex, for those who’ve asking, things are okay. Bordering on good to very good. Well, the truth is, things were never bad. But things are getting better I’d say. The reality is, I’m happy no matter how life unfolds, but right now I am currently happy to keep walking a path with him. I mean, no matter what, the path will obviously be with him, cause you know, we’re still family with Marlowe. But right now I’m happy to be family and see what more WE can do together. I’m not sure how this new path unfolded. It just felt like I looked up and there was a switch. I saw him coming out of his shell more– finally. And for me, it’s not ever that he’s not good enough. He’s got great qualities and so many good things– but for me, I just want to be with someone also striving for more—  and that seems to be happening more now with him. I want to be around people that push me and inspire me to be better. And I’ve been that person for Alex for a long time, but I want to be with someone who also does that for me. Now it feels like he’s breaking out and away of the rock wall keeping him in and opening up to see potential everywhere. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m not in his head. I can only speak to what I see and feel. But yeah, you guys know me— I’m sort of all over the place and just working on moving forward in the best way possible with everything.

Alex joked that he would be the happiest person ever if I could send out a weekly newsletter to him— one where he could see what I’m striving for each week, what foods I’m testing out or avoiding, new goals, life changes, etc. Haha. It’s not a terrible idea. I know I do whirlwind through life and it can be hard to keep up with all my thoughts and actions 😉

But speaking of which, I think I am actually going to start up a newsletter. Maybe not weekly or anything. People keep pressing me to do it– not only for other life updates but also as a way to keep up with new blog posts and other things like air-bnbing our house or book news or whatever. You know? It won’t be happening soon, but I am hoping to move forward in something like that this year. Speaking of air-bnb-ing our house. I’ve opened up some dates in june-july. And october on. So if you’re looking to do a Florida vacation, well, our house is your house. You can sign up for Airbnb HERE. And see our listing HERE.

So yeah, life feels exciting and fresh right now. My stomach is a total mess from our trip, but I’m totally not surprised. That tends to happens when I eat out more, etc. I’m going to spend this week taking care of that as well as a lot of other life details: fixing up the house, getting some requested posts done (more natural living stuff), planning trips, etc.

I hope you guys had an a amazing week and have an amazing weekend planned. I’ll mostly be here getting stuff done– but I am looking forward to that 🙂 Happy Thursday, friends!

Right on.


  1. I'm a very romantic person so I'm so-so happy for you and Alex that things are going well between you two! 🙂 Also, your house… I'd love to stay at your place for a relaxing holiday!!!

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  4. I love this idea of the Airbnb! I have heard of it before, but honestly never knew what it was. You have a lovely home! I like how unique and eclectic it is. Since I live in Florida, I'll be bookmarking the page for future travels down to south Florida. Thanks Drea!

    ~Laurali Star


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  6. Your home is beautiful. I'd love to go to West Palm Beach soon. The fresh fruit looks amazing. Also, I'd love to read the newsletter. It would be great if you included links to ethical fashion items each week.


  7. Oh man, I would love to stay at your house to take advantage of that awesome outdoor space (and fresh fruit)! A newsletter sounds great! Glad things are going well with Alex 🙂