How are you friends? How was your week? It’s currently 20 to midnight which means I am up waaaaaay past my bed time. Though…realistically… I probably say that 6 nights out of seven. Which means that midnight is actually probably maybe my real bedtime. I think I need to accept that I cannot get myself to bed earlier.The FaceTime app is currently open on my computer (I just finished up a chat with my mom) and theres a little bug buzzing around me. It’s making my head and face do all sorts of funny things. Which is normal– but also slightly amusing because I keep catching glimpses of myself doing said funny things on the FaceTime screen.

I closed it. We’re done with that now.

This week has been good for me. We’ve been working hard on fixing up the house. We ended up painting Marlowe’s room navy on a whim. I like it, but overall I’m in a constant fluster with her room. It’s such a pathetic and petty problem to have, but the door arrangement + the middle of the wall moulding drives me insane. I can’t put things anywhere without them looking awkward. I’m thinking about switching out the yellow hutch in the hall way and putting that in her room. I don’t know, why am I even writing these thoughts out loud? The sound so silly.

Things are good. Did I mention I’m planning a trip to Colombia? It was going to be a big three week family trip, but now I’m thinking of shortening to a week, maybe two. Instead of three stops, maybe one or two. I don’t know. I can’t commit to making any part of the trip right now. All I know is I’d like to go to see my grandmother.

I am excited for the next few months though. Excited for the future in general. Happy and present in the now too though. I’m not in a state of waiting for the future and dreading the future. I’m truly happy now andddd looking forward to the future.

I mentioned that I’m working on changes on this blog. I just ant to connect with you guys more. When I met with the peeps to do the blog change they asked, do you want to focus more on community aspect or the commerce aspect (the exact wording of the question has escaped me). It was an easy answer— uh, yes I would like this to continue being my business where I can support my family, but from the brining to the end of it, I want this space to be community first– that is my focus. I feel like you guys do know that about me– but I hope you guys always continue to. This space means a lot to me. I do get asked often how I grew my blog, and I alway shave to answer that I really truly got lucky with this space. And I hope as I make the little (mostly physical changes with this space), you guys become even more inspired by it. I know I’m excited to make the little shifts (I might even buy myself a real camera this year)– and I hope that excitement can roll over to you. Lots of little changes this year to roll into one giant, positive adventure.

Alright friends, I hope that whats you’re doing or plan to do this week– that you enjoy and make the best out of every present second. Just as I told Marlowe this morning— even if you just stop, sit, and listen to the birds and the sounds currently going on around you for five minutes, and do NOTHING else, that is something. It’s really something. Just feel it.

I just keep going back to the idea that if you’re not genuinely amazed by the existence of your life (and all our lives) then what are you doing? Not to sound all crunchy and rainbow like, but All these freaking particles, atoms, gasses, etc to create world we live in? It’s pretty freaking cool when you step back and really think about it. So yeah, if anything this weekend– if you have nothing else planned, maybe just sit and listen to nature for a second and think about how cool it is that you can actually do that. Alright friends thats the end of my mushy inspirational life pep talk. Have an amazing weekend!

I have a few posts lined up this week– some travel stuff, books I’m currently reading (theres a lot of them), and hopefully my (ridiculously small) make up post you guys have been asking for will be up too!

Happy Friday!

door matpants in top photo / shoes in top photo / pants in bottom photo

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  1. How good to see you are coming to Latinamerica. I am in Buenos Aires, ARgentina. Good luck. Where are you staying?