I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been holding off on this post for over a week now because I’ve had hopes of maybe-possibly adding a video to the post. But today I told myself that I should stop kidding myself— the video is just not going to happen right now and the post should go up regardless. You guys have been asking for my makeup list lately– and I have to tell you, it’s not exceptionally exciting. Or maybe it is… because it’s so incredibly minimalistic. I use three to four products daily. That’s it. As you guys know I always try to keep everything as natural as possible… and vegan too. I can’t honestly say I’ve looked into any of these products recently. These are the brands I started using years ago and fell in love with. And unless someone tells me otherwise, I’m pretty sure they’re completely vegan and pretty natural :)Oh and if you guys are interested, this post is supppper old, but mostly still relevant on the beauty products I use daily/often. So yeah, lets talk make up, cool?

The one thing I do every single day before leaving the house is coloring in my brows. I get a lot of brow comments on the insta stories and previously snapchat (sorry, I left you, snapchat)— my brow shape is OKAY– sort of lacking on the ends (90’s over-plucking anyone?), but the real magic trick is a good eye brow pencil everyday.

I use this eyebrow pencil. The company also makes this, no sharpener required option, but I prefer the one that I have to sharpen myself because I feel like it lasts longer and I get more bang for my buck. I don’t mind the super easily, hardly noticeable step of having to sharpen a device myself, haha.

The next super easy thing I do everyday is smear on some cream blush— no fancy tricks or brushes here. I just take my good ole’ pointer finger (preferably a clean finger) and blend some blush on my cheeks. I’ve tried most of the colors this brand makes and I’ve gotta tell you, you can’t go wrong. I like to use a cream blush because it’s SO easy to use and blend. But I’m not against a powder blush either.  Recently I switched back to the cream and I’ve been really digging it. I also like it because you can use it on your lips if you want too 🙂

If I’m leaving the house and want to step it up a bit then I use a liquid liner. I personally feel like this makes my face look substantially nicer, haha. I don’t use it to go to the gym or beach or anything like that– but if I’m going out around town or to dinner, I do prefer to give me eyes a bit of a lift with a cat eye 🙂 I’ve tried a few different liquid eyeliners, but I feel like the tip of this one has been the easiest and cleanest feel and look.

I sometimes, but not always use a pressed powder. I guess it depends on the time of the month. For the most part my face is usually pretty clean– but about a week a month I get some break outs and cover it up with this. I do have a concealer too, but I maybe use it three times a year/almost never. It works great, but I just don’t really need it daily. I like this pressed powder a lot– it only comes in four colors too, so it’s pretty easy to match– you just use more or less depending on your skin tone.

So yeah, easy easy! There’s not a whole lot in my makeup bag. Outside of that I always have a pair of tweezers on me. I do thread about 3-4 times a year, but I pluck strays often. And well, chin hair problems are real, ya know? I also carry floss on me. I know, guys– my makeup bag is THE COOLEST haha.

So there ya go— my super easy, minimal makeup routine 🙂 Hope that helps you guys or at least answers your questions 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

photos by my friend Brittany 🙂

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