Hi friends! How are you?! I’m attempting to type this, but I gotta tell you I just sliced up my thumb pretty badly about…well… five minutes ago. I currently feel like I should treat myself to some ice-cream or something, haha.Puerto Rico was a lifetime ago now. It was a good little getaway. Though the best part for sure was hanging out with my friend Christine. She was in my dream last night… so it felt like a good time to finally post this post. Ya know? If you ever find yourself around San Juan and want to do an adventurous overnight island trip… well… this is a good one.

When Christine first told me about Culebra, I was hesitant. I didn’t really tell her that I was hesitant, but I was. For a few reasons… 1. it just seemed like a lot to ferry us all the way there for one night and back. 2. ferrys are not really my and Marlowe’s friend (so many tears on the last one we went on— from both of us). 3. Butt-early wake up call? Mehhhhh.

Butttt I am always down to try an adventure and it was something Christine really wanted to try… so I was in. And we continued to chase the sun.

We woke up early… really early. I don’t even remember what time. Maybe 4 am. Maybe. We threw a sleeping Marlowe into the back of car and headed east — about an hour drive to the port. There we had to wait in line to buy tickets for the ferry to Culebra. The first ferry doesn’t actually leave till about 7 am or so— but the whole ticket buying thing is sort of a process. I made friends with a few people in line while Marlowe and Christine parked the car and looked for coffee. The wait itself wasn’t too bad. The people were nice, the weather was decent. The only problem was that when the sun started to rise the bugs started swarming and biting… a lot.

But we were happy. And excited. Nervous, but excited.

hi friend.

Christine was super nervous that we wouldn’t actually be able to get on ferry– apparently a common problem. She’s missed it twice now. But we did it. And I convinced Marlowe (and myself) that the trip would be smooth and nothing like our last ferry experience. Luckily for us, it mostly was good and calm. Marlowe colored, took photos, and just hung out. We were good.

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived to the island. Not much was open– our Airbnb host didn’t really give us real directions to the house– so we sort of just wandered, trying to figure out what we were supposed to do. On our very hot and painful walk we realized more people than not were zooming by on golf carts and we thought, “F*ck it. Let’s see if we can rent a golf cart too.”

And so we did. Never have I ever driven a gold cart– but man, it was actually pretty fun. And made the whole island experience exponentially better.

Sooner after finding ourselves a golf cart we found ourselves tacos.

The place was super cute and had vegan options so we were super happy.

The island was hot. But I had no complaints there. Id rather somewhere be too hot than too cold. We enjoyed our time in the sun a lot. Up and down this little town on a golf cart. From one end of the island to another.

We basically shuffled ourselves back and forth to the beach.

Christine had mentioned flamenco beach a few times. And again, I was hesitant. I was *so sure* that would be the touristy beach– that we would step onto it and there would be a million tourists crowding the space. But I was wrong. I mean, yes, there were tourists– but the island was never swarming or crowded with tourists. The beach was still clean, open, and really really beautiful.

We even found vegan ice-cream… so yeah, life was good.

and papayas.

sunc tans and sunshine.

more golf cart rides.

For food we basically went to the same two places. There were apparently a few more vegan friendly restaurants on the island– but neither were open the days we were there. Thats the thing about island life– you never really know. You just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. I don’t remember the name of our favorite spot but it was owned by this older couple who spent most of their life living on the island. The owner sat down with us to tell us stories about his life and the island. And awe warned us of killers beers and wasps— something we were not expecting. He said that was the only thing we should worry about on the island. After that we stayed far away from bushes haha.

We weren’t on the island long– but it was an amazing adventure. Even with the GIANT tarantula we found outside our door and the 30 million mosquitos inside our Airbnb. Haha. I’m glad Christine convinced us to go. It was worth it.

WE arrived back to the mainland as the sunset the next night. And just like we arrived, we all crawled sleepily into the car. Marlowe fell asleep and that was that. Another adventure under our belts. Something to remember for a long long time.

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