How are you friends?! I’m good. Really good. Health is iffy– but mood and excitement are good. I don’t know– I’m always trying to be excited about my current state without being preoccupied by my health. It’s a hard balance. I mean, for the most part, my health is a lot better than before– but it still never feels completely right. Today I really had this feeling though– like, “no more excuses, I’m eating really well from here on out.  Yes, by most standards I eat really well all the time– but when I travel I do eat a lot of food that I know does not agree with my body. And then I make the vacation excuse. And then I feel like garbage and struggle to get back on track. So I don’t know, I need to make it a point to stop making the excuses and just eat well. Easy to digest– oil free– delicious foods. Ya know?Alright, I’m going to stop rambling– I’m going to go ahead and finish up this post, crawl into bed and read a bit before I fall asleep. I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! On to the food…

veggie tomato soup with brown rice

we’ve been doing a lot of sushi lately!

we usually make a separate roll for marlowe– and when we don’t, well this happens: little finger holes from pushed out cucumber rolls haha.

mish-mash— sautéed potatoes, carrots, cabbage, peas and rice.

lunch looks like this sometimes. apple slices, carrots, cauliflower, corn chips, and guacamole.

cauliflower mash, stewed cabbage and chickpeas in a ginger sauce, black beans.

veggie seaweed rice bowl. (mmm craving this now)

broccoli and tofu scramble.

tofu, peas, and collard greens.

acai bowls. she usually likes hers plain. what a weirdo.

fruit bowls for breakfast.

Alright friends– hope you guys have an amazing week! I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂 Cheers!


  1. Great ideas to try for my 9 yr old who only likes cream cheese sandwichs! Are their recipes attached for cabbage and dips and the Bea ds you use on chips? Thx! So glad I found you!! Eating time is becoming stressful