Happy tuesday/wednesday, friends! How are you?! It’s POURING here in South Florida. Well, in West Palm Beach. It was overcast, but nice in Homestead (down south) today. I’m SO glad we got away to enjoy a bit of sun and sweat outside, I would have been too antsy otherwise.

Did any of your see my live story today on Instagram? I almost died. Well, I almost died of live-fear. I was totally safe and not scared in the alligator pen. Also, as I type this I’m kind of like, “wait who am I? Talking about being in an alligator pen!? I sound like a bad-ass, guys. Don’t I? hahaha.

I cannot wait to show you pictures from today. It was so much fun. A much needed (somewhat local) escape. You need the escape sometimes, you know?

We also needed Asheville. I’m so so happy that we decided to do this last Asheville trip. We don’t do a lot of spur of moment, last minute-ish trips. I’m totally happy to do them– but we just typically don’t! I mean, this was hardly spur of moment. But it felt that way because the idea came up, and without a second thought, we said, “YES.” As many of you know, Florida is the land of flat-ness. I guess, you never realize how much you miss the mountains until you’re away from them for 10 years. I do miss them. I miss being a late teen, and taking long drives through Vermont and New York. I used to love those solo drives— now I’m happy to do a solo drive, but a drive with people can be even better– sometimes 😉

Before we even went up there, I told Claudia, “we should go on a hike” — and so we did 😉

And they did too. I wouldn’t really call Marlowe and I the athletic type 😉 but we both like a good hike– thats for sure.

And they went off to explore.
In a tree.
The wind comes and Claudia is so graceful and elegant looking….
…. and then here I am all like, “waaaaboom”

Another thing I realized is that even though I do love mountains– I am totally more partial to tropical mountains. I really am a tropical, warm loving, juicy fruit eating kind of girl. I think that’s why Guatemala has my heart tied up so tight. I can get both the warm love and land of delicious tropical fruit ANDDD mountains. But hey, non tropical mountains are pretty rad too 😉

my favorite girls— with mouth full of apples. *SQUEEZE*
They were cold when we hit the top. I told them to take shelter from the wind… take a load off. and so they did…

And then I was a really good example, and went over the rock wall to take a photo on a ledge. Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a fear of heights… just a fear of flying. And as Alex pointed out today, I have no problem going in a pen with loose alligators, but I’m terrified of planes. We all have our things, you know?

And back to the bottom of the hike we went. It was a super short hike.. one part of me wanted a longer part. The other part of me was like, “is it time for tacos yet?” (it was time for tacos).

Before we left I went to sit over here by myself to take a photo of the flowers— then I saw all these tiny microscopic bugs and paid no attention to them… until we got in the car and I realized I was COVERED in them. And then I realized that they kept taking little bites of me. Those stupid jerks. It was a long, painful car ride until the taco place. I totally forget the name of those little bugs, but man, they were a pain. Apparently they don’t bite on person or suck your blood or anything.. they just bite things until they find food (plants). I’m not a plant. They learned this. And then the running joke is always— why does Drea love nature so much if nature hates her? I don’t know guys, I don’t know. One day nature might love me too. Hopefully.

Alright friends. The rain is coming down hard and I am sleepy! Crossing my fingers we get some sort of sun tomorrow! <3<3 Hope you’re having a great week!

ps. some of these photos I stole from Claudia. You can see more of her photos HERE. <3

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