Friendsssss, how are you?! I think I’m falling asleep at desk right now. I haven’t been this tired in along time. I’ve been busy, but I don’t mind. I’m feeling pretty accomplished today– my website is almost done, photos are being taken, travel is coming soon! All good things.

I have a lot of thoughts about blogging and social media lately and I’m not sure where or when to ever share them– or if I even should. But maybe? Do you guys even care about those thoughts? Or NAH? Thats one of my things— I’m not ever really sure why you guys wants to see (unless you specifically ask). So I just share all the random photos, and thoughts, and travels, and whatever.

The food stuff is weird too– cause I feel like I used to share so many recipes and things– and then I got burnt out with the cookbook, and then I was sick– so sick and could hardly eat anything, let alone make recipes and things. And so now I often feel so removed from the food blogging world– like a whole new group of food bloggers came around and I’m like, “here are my crappy iPhone, low light dinner pics, guys!!! ENJOY!” Hahaha.

I don’t know. Honestly, I think I want to start sharing REALLY simple food things. Some full on recipes, sure, but also just more basic how to’s– more for the peeps just starting off in the cooking realm. And then you can go to food and wine or whatever else for some complicated stuff, cool? Cool. Haha.

Alright friends. I’m going to write out captions for these really fantastically low lit grainy iPhone photos and then organize some more stuff and head to bed 😉 I hope you guys have an amazing and delicious weekend! Cheers!

and and ps. speaking of the cookbook, it’s only 11$ right now on amazon!!! Crazyyy! I’d suggest buying a few for friends– you can’t beat that price!

yellow curry. This one was obviously cauliflower heavy.

mish-mash. sometimes, I’m like “UGH— you east SO many carrots” but then I remember how I didn’t even carrots as a kid and I’m just grateful that even though her vegetable of choice, day in and day out is carrots, she really does eat a good assortment of stuff and I should NEVER complain about her food stuff. I would have starved as a kid if this was my food– and Marlowe?  She chose everything in this bowl to eat. Topped with our favorite easy to make miso sauce lately.

sushi sushi. she could eat it everyday– and basically has this week. And she set up the table so nicely for us! Decorated hers with a strawberry 🙂 These were a bit messy cause I made them, not alex 😉 Mine are made with cauliflower “rice” cause as I just mentioned in the what I eat food post— I think I’m going to work on lessoning my grain load 🙂

hummus + veg, guac + chip picnic.

I’ve made this pasta a few times this month. It’s the mushroom one in the cookbook— and its SUCH A HIT with everyone who tries it. Even my pickiest (very non vegan) friend came over the day and gave it praises. It was a big deal. Hearty, vegetable-y, and delicious!

pretty standard still. cauliflower mash, pies, tofu, and kale chips.
she asked for rice and bean tacos. I said fine, but you need a vegetable. she opted for kale salad. no problem.

hummus + carrots. the other veggies are for me. she won’t go near raw peppers. As I mentioned in some post (I think?!1), we’re trying to stay away from canned products. I’m sure we’ll buy them sometimes, but we haven’t bought any for a few weeks now– we’ve been making hummus from scratch and it’s been so good! We just make a REALLY big batch so it’s worth the work 😉

black bean burger, avocado, some sort of carrot + greens salad. (it’s a purple carrot). black bean burger recipe is in cookbook.

marlowes favorite daal (recipe). aloo gobi (recipe in cookbook), brown rice.

some sort of veggie curry thing– a quick meal for the kids on our last getaway.

chickpea salad tacos. she’ll basically eat anything in a tortilla. I have a recipe for these on my blog and in my cookbook– but we’ve started making them completely different since cutting out more and more processed stuff— at first I thought there was no way Marlowe would eat the new recipe– but I was wrong. She tried it and loved it instantly!  I’ve got to make a new recipe!

Alright friends! I’m so tired! Thanks over and over again for sharing this space with me. You know, thanks for being my friend 😉

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