rainy, happy days.

in between the rain showers, she made a friend. And named him chocolate. also, it’s ten million degrees out and she’s wearing too many layers.

exploring palm beach.

sometimes I really like these shelves. I never change them though, just my attitude, haha.

beach day. a cloudy beach day, but still a beach day. grateful for it. oh and does anyone else live the water bottle life? We carry at least one (but usually two) everywhere! Never the plastic ones though! We do love love these made by fressko ones!

attacking me.

more rain. some pink.

acas dates in Miami

well, this is a pretty room.

and I love these flowers. I think here a type of purslane… but I could be wrong.

I asked her to help me clean the house and offered her an allowance. She did help me. The next day I told her, “I gotta pick up the house and we’ll read a book after” next thing I know I hear the dishwasher being emptied and I walked in, and she’s like, “I emptied the dishwasher are you happy!?” And I’m like, “yes of course. thank you so much! you didn’t have to do that!” then Marlowe responds with, “so can you double my allowance now? I need 5$ more dollars” hahahaha.

Did I post this yet? I made a friend. He didn’t eat my face off.
Alright friends! The sun is shining, gonna get off this computer box thing! The new website should be up tomorrow! weeee! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

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