Hi friends. How are you? I had planned to post an update on the whole c. diff post healing thing this week, but since my current health state is sort of a mess, I thought I should hold out another week. I’m not sure why that makes sense to me, but it does.

I was pretty much useless all day yesterday. Well, most of the day. The first part started out okay but my gut got worse and worse as the day went on. But whatever, lets talk about that another day. Other than my up and down  health, life has been pretty good.

So onto the wedding yes? To be honest, one of my biggest regrets was not snapping more pictures. But you know theres always the thoughts on being present. Which I mean, it’s super easy for me to stay off social media, but for me, For the past 15 years+, being present with a camera in my hand is what I love most, haha. But I get it. Laura did opt to have no one take photos during the actual ceremony, which I totally appreciate. I kept my phone down (obviously during the ceremony, as I was in it, but also for a good chunk after too). I took significantly more pictures than I did at Brittanys wedding (per her request) and but significantly less than I would have liked, haha. I don’t think Laura had a preference regardless, the keeping he phone down was for me. Also, I was half functioning so I was trying to reserve any little bit of energy I had to enjoy the people around me.

I’ve noticed that— my picture taking and instagramming use in general significantly declines when my health declines. I mean, this blog too I guess. Once upon a time I blogged five days a week here. And the biggest reason… maybe the only reason for me slowing, has been my health. I don’t like it. I feel less and engaged and more disconnected. And thats now how a shared public space should feel. I feel a bit stuck on how to work on it, especially when my health is so very obviously still up and down. But I hope to. And/or I hope to really gain my health back and have this space feel better again too. Again, I digress.

Fancy little people.
I wish I took more photos of the tables all set up–it’s hard to really see it in this one photo, but they were so pretty!
my mama + my kid and our flowers.

Marlowe hanging with the ladies. Some of you asked where we all got our dresses– and to be honest, I don’t know! Everyone got them from everywhere. Laura said: “gold sequins.” I said, “what about rose gold sequins?” she said, “yep. that works too” and we all ended up with a variety of different gold and rose gold sequin dresses. It worked out quite well. My dress was not exactly cheap, but I’ve already put it to use a few times and plan to use it even more in the future. Amanda (miss maid of honor) had a two piece look (SO pretty!), but I donut think they actually sell it anymore– it was also from the same store though. and miss marlowes dress was from tutu dumonde. I was worried that it wouldn’t match close enough with the details of light purple, but I think it actually was quite perfect 🙂

when I walked into the day before to help set up Laura basically was like, “drea is going to set everything up to be pretty” that was my unofficial official job. Which really meant I would put a few things here and there– but the tables mostly looked beautiful because of all the tiny details laura and I had designed early and Amanda had helped decorate and then finally, Desiree (laura’s wedding planner– she’s eco friendly too!) had helped finalize the day of. She was a boss.

Selfie with my lady. Seeee same makeup, just a swish of extra bronze eye shadow.

happy details.

best wedding gift? Maybe. We brought laura and adam two trees for their home. A lychee and a loquat tree.
two of my favorite people.
chatting with the ladies again.
pretty farm sunsets.
she was hungry…. and so me grabbing a giant bunch of grapes off the cheese plate made sense. naturally.

I don’t love this photo. Realistically, I’m too picky with photos of myself. But it’s really the only good quality, non iPhone photo I have of us. grateful for laura’s photographers for snapping one of us. ps. long hair and sequined dresses = a hair tangly nightmare.

I love these two.

I thought miss Marlowe would be heading out much earlier than she did. But she ended up having a great time dancing. I told her, as long as she wasn’t whiny or grumpy, she could stay as late as she wanted. She danced for a bunch of songs and then asked to go home to bed 🙂

the playlist was basically 90’s dance tunes by the way 😉

Alex and I stayed to the end, collected some succulents, and then headed back to the hotel to change into something a bit less fancy and then headed downtown to the after party. I was feeling awful, but told myself I would at least make it till midnight. I think I made it till 1 or 2 am. I was quite proud of myself. Laura looked GORGEOUS in her after wedding outfit. I wish I had taken a picture of her. I danced less there, as admittedly, it can be very hard for me to loosen up and dance now that I don’t drink, but it was good spending time with friends and just being out. I haven’t been dancing since New Years and before that I think it was since halloween.

Once upon a time Laura and I would go out dancing twice a week. I miss those days. I miss feeling well enough to even do something like that. Now, well, I’m just grateful that I’ve known her this long, she’s definitely more like family than anything. Grateful that I could experience this at all.

Love you Laura. Love you adam. Indian dinner or noodle dinner soon, okay?

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