I’ve got a bit of a photo overload for you guys… so many happy little details to Laura’s wedding. It doesn’t feel like it was almost two months ago. At all. It was great— honestly, it was the wedding I would have liked for myself, had I completed planning one. The only difference is that when Alex and I were planning a wedding it was going to be down south (yes, more south)— we were looking at an organic vegetarian avocado farm in homestead. That obviously didn’t happen– but its okay, because I got to have the joys of a farm wedding because of Laura (and Adam too… couldn’t have done it without Adam, haha).

I’ve broken up Laura’s wedding into two posts… because again… photo overload. This one has a bit of everything.. while the next one is more of a sparkle overload 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy these little snippets as much as we enjoyed them 🙂

I told Laura, go for cacti. Flowers are expensive, and cacti make great gifts. My only regret was not snagging more of the center pieces on my way out haha
This photo is a pretty accurate description of what the day before looked like. We headed out the venue before the rehearsal dinner to start setting everything up. We looked like this.
After the rehearsal we all headed back east to downtown.
Miss Marlowe joined us shortly after.

Marlowe and I hung out for a bit but headed out long before everyone else. I wasn’t feeling great and I wanted to get Marlowe to bed at her normal(ish) time because I didn’t want her to be a jerk for Laura’s wedding day 😉 Happy to say that not only was she not a jerk, she was awesome and had a great time the whole weekend.

Instead of going back home we headed to newish hilton west palm beach. See my thinking was: “oh, we’ll stay the weekend and so we can enjoy the pool and the entire property and maybe I can even do the morning yoga before the wedding! yada yada yada.” — but of course, thats not how weddings work– especially when its one of your best friends in the whole world getting married. So we basically checked in super late and went to bed without enjoying the first day there at all.

Butttt we did wake up to some fruit, vegan cookies, and great weather! (Thank you hilton— too sweet).

Marlowe and I headed downstairs where we grabbed smoothies and green juice and hung out by the pool for a minute to enjoy them before the wedding hustle. I’m happy to say that not only did I get to enjoy the wedding– but I did Get another two hours or so to lounge here before check out 🙂 Marlowe pretty much keeps begging to go back… maybe soon. And maybe I’ll actually do the yoga next time 😉 Maybe….

We then grabbed coffee for the bride to be and headed back upstairs to give it to her. I then placed a flower crown on her head and made her wear it. Because I’m a great friend like that 😉
Slowly the rest of the ladies started making their way in. Laura handed out sweet gifts, champagne was opened, and prep took place.

Marlowe was pretty much back and forth all day. She had a great time enjoying the pool and what not– cause she’s 6, so what prep does she really need?  I mean, realistically, my hair is the only thing that needed prepping. My makeup was the same– as my day to day life + a goof finger swish of eyeshadow for good luck. Haha.

We’re both so serious when hair time comes 😉


So much lace. So many sparkles.
We look like a really tough girl gang.
Miss Marlowe– so elegant with the leg cross 😉 Her cute little dress was from tutu du monde.

I originally got my dress for Brit’s wedding in France. And was more than happy when I could reuse it for Laura’s wedding.

sparkle girl gang.
We then headed off to the limo for the ride out west to the farm 🙂
Just after leaving Marlowe looked at me, so excited to be in her first limo ever. It was the sweet thing. And again, crossed legged and so dainty.

About thirty minutes later the giant sparkle party arrived at the farm… ready for photos and ready to celebrate Ms. Laura (and Adam too.. can’t forget about Adam, haha 😉 It was amazing. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the little details. Marlowe and Alex danced a ton. There were llamas…. sort of.

Alright friends… it’s currently Monday night and well, as you know, it was a rough weekend for me, but I’m excited to say that I need to pack up a few things (ie a bathing suit and dress) to head off on another mini staycation tomorrow. This time beachside… and hopefully with a few coconuts too. I still feel terrible, but I mean, I won’t feel worse laying by a pool or beach than I will at home, right? Right. I hope you guys are having a good week <3<3

ps. all the profreh photos were taken by Laura’s friends: so many moments. All the rest were taken by my handy iPhone 😉

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  1. OM gggeeeeeee not only are your dresses gorgeous, her dress is amazing!