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Hi friends! How are you? As I sit and type my stomach is a mess (yes… again). It seems to fall into a cycle– once every few weeks or so. I hate it, but I rarely panic anymore. As I discussed before, I always ask myself: “is this useful?” And me, stressing about my body, at this? Well, it’s not useful. The negative emotions and anxieties don’t help.And my body is sore… but the good kind of sore. It’s a sore I never really felt my whole life, soreness from using my body at the gym. I know I said I would do a whole post about me and the gym thing soon– and I still hope to! Though, to be honest, I’m traveling the next three weeks so the whole gym thing is going out the window. But I’m always SUPER active when traveling, so I don’t worry too much about getting my heart rate up and what not.Health has obviously been a lot on my mind; dare I say, ALWAYS on my mind since getting sick? And apparently it’s been on your minds a lot too lately– because I’ve had A LOT of emails from you guys requesting that I talk about transitioning to a healthier and/or vegan lifestyle. And if you read the beginning of my cookbook, then you guys know I definitely have some knowledge on this. No one would argue that I eat really well now (I don’t think anyone would argue that anyway), but it wasn’t always like this. I ate complete and total garbage for most of my life. And with that garbage came a whole cart of physical and emotional problems.

Gosh, so many problems. Going vegan was one of the best decisions I had ever made for myself. And changing my diet to gluten free and processed sugar free was one of the best decisions when I got sick. And right now, it seems that switching to a high carb, low fat + protein diet was the best decision I could have made for my stomach since getting sick.  You guys know, I haven’t gained weight, and I still have A LOT of health struggles since getting sick, but overall, I feel good. I mean, I won’t lie to you, there are hard days where I want to throw my hands up and give up– but for the most part, I know that changing your own health and lifestyle is not an easy task— especially after years and years of previous damage. I accept the process, and I move forward.

My mom likes to remind me of how far I’ve come since my hospital stay. And how I didn’t just sit in the dark wanting get better– I never, not once, gave up my own health journey. I read A LOT about different diets and healing processes— I’m SO curious to know what others are doing— what’s working for them, and what’s not.

And I do plan to share tips on transitioning with you guys soon. It makes me happy that a lot of you guys asked.  What I do know is that change doesn’t happen easily— it happens out of a big desire or a requirement.

Have you guys heard of The Big Fat Truth? I’m super looking forward to watching it. I think you guys know: I enjoy reality TV. I pretty much only watch reality TV or documentaries and hardly anything in between. I’ve ALWAYS been into the health-based shows– even before I got sick (but also especially since I got sick). I’ll honest, part of interest in these shows is to learn, part of it is to judge– but all of it is entertainment. I’m super curious to watch the show and see what “the truth” is. Honestly, as I sit here and type this– I cannot wait to get a bit more free time to sit and binge watch the show. I look forward to doing this once I get to Massachusetts and lay on my mom’s couch. I’m pretty certain “the truth” is about attitude— and if I’m right, well, I gotta say that’s dead on. That’s one of the only real truths there is when it comes to health (outside of eating whole, real food). Nothing will improve unless you work on the emotional stuff.

Well, I’m working on both (on everything really). I don’t know, it may seem silly some, but I do value my attitude in all of this. Ten years ago, I think my attitude would have been a mess and I would still be a mess now— but thankfully, I’m not.

What about your guys? Do you think “the truth” is attitude? Do you even care? Do you watch health reality shows? Tell me!

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  1. Laurali Star

    Hi there,

    I have a question for you! I read somewhere that you eat a low fat diet. That’s something I’m trying to wean into, so far I’ve cut back on and eventually plan to get rid of nuts. They don’t sit well on my stomach, as I have colitis. Also, I only eat guacamole once in awhile, where I used to eat it everyday. Now, I’m trying to give up oil in cooking. I use earth balance with olive oil (vegan) or straight olive oil when I do cook, which isn’t much, but I’d rather get rid of those things too. Do you have any suggestions for when I’m cooking? What do you use?

    Thanks doll!!!

    ~Laurali Star