Hello friends! How are you?!

I’m physically pooped (in the best way). 12+ miles of walking in the past two days πŸ™‚ (One of the reasons I love travel, really). I always say I’m not much of a city girl (I’m not), Β but man, this month I have been enjoying city trips again. Well, Chicago and Montreal anyway πŸ™‚ Toronto is up next! I’m excited– I’ve never been to Toronto before.

Montreal? Well, I’ve been here quite a few times. At least a half dozen or more. (I’m not sure to be honest with you). But this trip has been one of the best visits. Prior to this trip, my other (adult) visits to Montreal included a fair amount of booze and below freezing temperatures. One time may or may not have included me walking barefoot in the ice + snow filled streets (after mentioned mass amounts of booze). Andddd get this madness: one time I came with my college boyfriend. And while at the bar, two girls grabbed him and kissed him front of me! I’m not sure if they thought it would be hilarious or maybe they were trying to get a rise out of me? Β I HAVE NO IDEA. It was weird. I mostly sat there dumbfounded, like, “wtf just happened?!” It was a weird night for sure.

I’ve come to the city many times as a kid too. But I have even less memories of that. I have vague memories of being in my grandparents Marc III with my brother, road-tripping to the town where my grandparents were from. I have memories of sugar pie— lots of it. Kinder eggs and poor attempts of trying to pay for things at the store, with my lack of French and intense shy-ness truly flourishing. Oh and a memory of me finding (and being obsessed with) my cousins weird garbage pal kids sticker collection. I don’t know, lots of hazy, dreamlike memories of this place for sure.

But I feel like this is the first time I’ve come here, truly experienced it, and I’ll Β be able to leave with real memories of it. It’s nice, really nice to feel this way, but also, almost sad that I don’t remember more from other visits.

I don’t know, I’m rambling. I honestly just came here to tell you guys that we’ve been having an amazing time on this trip! And then I had all these flashbacks of my Canadian memories popped in πŸ™‚

It’s been great. We had a few bouts of rain, but other than that the weather has been “chilly” and perfect. Marlowe still doesn’t understand how this could possible be summer anywhere— and how people are walking around in shorts and tanks πŸ˜‰

The food has been great too. SO many vegan places. We were sad when one of the places we really wanted to visit (all vegan sushi) was closed, but que sera sera, right? The botanical gardens were incredibly amazing– maybe the best one I’ve ever been to. No, not maybe, definitely.

I had gone back and forth on where we should go on this family vacation time off. Originally we had planned Colombia, but then my health was iffy, so I strayed from that. Then California came up, but we’ve been there so many times. Honestly, I was nervous that I would regret choosing Canada. I never thought we would have a bad time, but I wasn’t sure how I would feel at the end of the trip. I worried I would feel like it wasn’t worth the time or money :/ Maybe a downer idea– but I want to make sure that every thing we choose to do is worth it– you know? Well now, I totally don’t regret choosing Canada at all. It’s been so wonderful. And we still have a few days in Toronto in front of us!

I cant wait to show you guys all the pictures from our trip. It’s been SO fun. Loads of Chicago posts coming up this week. That trip was so amazing too. Oh and sorry about my random rambles πŸ˜‰Β I hope you guys had a great weekend– and have an even better week in front of you πŸ™‚


  1. I love the Canadian enthusiasm in all the comments πŸ™‚ Toronto is awesome! You will also be driving through Prince Edward County which is beautiful. I second/third everyone who recommends Kensington Market and the AGO. Peterborough is also lovely with the lift locks and the canoe museum if you’re looking for a little detour, not to mention all the parks and water access. Enjoy!

  2. Oops! Contd.. what parts of Canada you’re visiting (we’re in Ottawa!) Hugs and happy vacay!!

  3. Welcome to Canada guys! Look forward to hearing more about your trip so far. I’ve been curious to hear what parts of the country you’re visit

  4. Ah! I’m so excited for you to come to Toronto! I’ve lived here the past 7 years and am head over heels in love with this city… I have heard though (and not to get your spirits down or anything) that Toronto is a great place to live, but a tough place to visit. The things that make me love Toronto are the insane amount of distinct neighbourhoods we have, the fact that you can eat authentic food from Somalia, Colombia, or Poland all in one day (yay, multiculturalism!) and the awesome street festivals and unique events we have every weekend. I really hope you take time to explore some of Toronto’s nooks and crannies… like Kensington Market (vegan places galore!), High Park (nature!), Evergreen Brickworks (more nature!), Leslieville/The Annex/West Queen West (cool hip areas!), and Trinity Bellwoods (picnic!). We’re more than just our usual touristy places (ie. CN Tower, Nathan Phillips, Yonge and Dundas) so I really hope you take the time to explore like a local πŸ™‚

  5. AH! Enjoy enjoy enjoy – this is a great time of year in Toronto. If you get the chance, definitely go see the Georgia O’Keefe art show at the AGO. It was mind blowing. Also you would probably LOVE Kensington Market. Lots of good arts spots, vintage clothes, and pretty wall art and stuff to see. Also a likely spot to find good vegan food. Sorry for the unsolicited advice but I get so excited when people visit my city πŸ™‚ ! We also have the Ontario Science Centre which is great for kids….. and adults.. πŸ˜€