Life for us includes acai bowls every day. Seriously. I think it’s safe to say that we eat these for breakfast or lunch about five times a week. They are just so easy, healthy, and SO freaking delicious. A lot of restaurants are offering acai bowls on their menu now– but don’t be fooled! Many of these places are not offering true acai– they are offering a pre-mixed sherbet-like blend. Real acai is sugar-free and has no additives. A lot of restaurants (but not all, don’t worry) serve up the sherbet blend which is packed with sugar, preservatives, and other not so fun stuff. The truth is acai bowls are no more difficult than making a smoothie at home, so don’t be intimidated– just grab the four ingredients you need– + whatever toppings you want and make them!

It’s seriously too easy not to do it. And with the additional option of greens, it’s so so healthy. I have zero qualms feeding Marlowe what seems like dessert for breakfast. If you have a powerful enough blender you can add kale to this (like pictures). But we often just add a mixed green blend and save the kale for kale chips 🙂 A link to our blender high speed HERE — we bought a refurbished one– cause whatever. I have zero qualms buying used stuff if it’s cheaper and works the same 🙂
Also– you guys may or may not remember that I’ve posted an acai bowl recipe in the past– an even more simple banana free one. That one was good too– but this one is better 🙂 But if you hate bananas, I get it (I really, really get it), that’s okay too. Or you can try my green bowl recipe too! Another favorite!

Our Everyday Acai Bowls
(makes two large ones or three small ones)

You’ll Need:
-2-3 large RIPE bananas (these can be fresh or if you’d like to use half fresh, half frozen, that’s okay too!) Save one banana or half a banana for topping!
-1.5 cups frozen blueberries
-2 cups frozen strawberries
-1 packet of frozen acai
-optional: fresh greens like spinach or spring mix blend. I usually add 1 – 2 large handfuls to the mix because you can’t taste it and it adds all those extra nutrients and such 🙂

For Topping:
(Well, whatever you’d like! But I’ll suggest:)
-sliced bananas
-blueberries and/or sliced strawberries
-tiny cubed pineapple
cacao nibs
shredded coconut
goji berries
-granola or whatever else your heart desires 🙂

How To:
-I like to break up the acai packet a bit first, just to cut the blender some slack. This means I bang the frozen packet against the counter a few times– it’s super fancy.
-Blend your frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, and acai packet in a high speed blender, adding a TINY splash of water (or coconut water) if necessary. Please keep in mind that bananas are high in water and it will make your mixture much more watery/thinner. So less water is more. If using greens, add those in too. If using frozen banana, you can add those in here too.
-Then add the fresh banana to the mixture. I add bananas last to this recipe (or my favorite smoothie recipe— or any smoothie type thing I make) because I don’t want to blend the bananas too much. They’ll oxidize quicker if you blend them too much. It’s better for your gut to blend them less 🙂
-Again, if you need to add a splash of water, go for it. You decide your consistency here. I like it thicker for sure– so that my toppings don’t sink 🙂
-And now the fun part! Pile on your favorite topping. In my opinion, the more coconut the better.

Yum yum yum. Seee—- so easy. The same as making (then decorating) a smoothie 🙂 Buy some frozen acai packets at the store this week and try it out! Do keep in mind to check the ingredient list! I mean, if you want the ones with added sugar, thats totally fine, but you don’t need it, I promise 🙂 Also! You can totally buy a mixed frozen berry bag and use that– I just find that the raspberries make it a bit too sour for me! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still delicious, but we definitely prefer the strawberry/blueberry combo best 🙂

Okay! Cheers friends! I’m hungry and going to go eattttt. <3


  1. I was recently hozpitalized with c-diff and had a lap cholecystectomy and lap appendectomy but the kicker was c-diff. How long was your recovery from c-diff? I am curious because my doctor does not know and tells me everyone is different, which I get but hearing from someone who had it helps. I was hospitalized for 10 days, which is unheard of these days but….I was very sick. I am still not 100% but hopefully on my way. Thank you

  2. Laurali Star

    This looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  3. Where do you get your frozen acai and goji berries? I couldn’t find them at Costco or publix. Thank you!

    • Andrea

      Frozen Acai we buy at Whole Foods. But I know Trader Joes sells it too. And I have heard some people say they do find it at their Costco and publix— so I think its a better of asking your store to carry it 🙂 Goji: Whole Foods or online 🙂 I linked some in post 🙂